RIP Kaylynn Marie Kobal, Bullying Needs To Stop

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  • Dedicated to Kaylayy<3

Okay, so this is for a friend of mine, the sweetest girl in the world. She used to get so much shit on a regular basis. She got called ugly, stupid, fat, worthless and A LOT more. She got shit from people at school, people online she didn’t even know, her own family, and complete strangers in public. She killed herself because she was tired of being bullied and wanted the pain to end. (rest in paradise Kaylynn Marie Kobal) I fucking hate bullies and cyber bullies. I don’t know how anyone can live with themselves posting stuff like “you’re ugly” “Oh my god you’re so fat you could be a cow” “You’re fucking worthless, just kill yourself already” and just rude shit. It pisses me off to go back and look through her pictures and see all these immature little kids that think it’s okay to hide behind a computer because there are no consequences to cyber bullying. I mean this one kid went onto her photo and told her he was going to kill her with fire because she was so ugly. Not only shame on the kid that said it, but on the 79 people that liked the comment or laughed at it or started following him and posting shit themselves. Like have a heart, for real. Like if you had seen this girl at a bus stop and it’s just you and her are you going to walk up her and say “You’re fucking hideous, I’m going to kill you with fire”? No, of course you wouldn’t have. You say it because other people would see it. If you were with your friends you might have joken around and laugh at her, but if you were facing her one on one, and you don’t have the security of a computer to hide behind, I would like to have seen you say it to her face because I know you wouldn’t have. Because your balls are the size of fucking pencil erasers. It fucking pathetic. I mean people like this just crave attention from people they don’t even know, complete strangers online, because they can’t get it in the real world. And why can’t they get it? Because they’re fucking losers. The fact that she got enough hell in school, from her family, and out in public about her looks and she would still post videos and pictures of herself and you try to take that away from her by calling her fat and ugly and stupid and say she needs to kill herself? It makes me sick. You don’t talk to anyone like that, especially women. Okay, maybe she wasn’t the most attractive person on the planet, but beauty isn’t DDs and a porn star ass. People need to realise that and they will one day. I don’t expect everyone to understand that now because they’re seeking attention and ‘friends’. I know that people only say those things because other people will laugh and like their comment. But if they wouldn’t say it to their face they shouldn’t post it online. And they want to think differently then they can go for it. I know people are going to read this and go “Fag! She’s seeking attention just like her friend!” Well my friend was also autistic and for others to sit there and say shit about it pisses me off. She doesn’t really understand and think the was they do. And if people can’t understand that I have no respect for them. Because people should respect others regardless of how they look, at least enough to not be so fucking hateful. And if people don’t, and they want to go say that this girl is so fat, so ugly, so worthless, then they’re going to need people to wish them luck in life man because beauty isn’t everything. I mean what the fuck man, by these peoples’ standards, the fucking pieces of shit they are that probably live in their parents basements, she was one of “the ugliest girls to ever walk the planet” because she didn’t have huge breasts, the skinniest body, or the biggest ass. Obviously their parents didn’t raise them right. It is just pathetic. What I don’t get is that Kaylynn posted a video called “words hurt” where she held up note cards saying how she felt about the comments and everything people say and do to her and I just don’t understand how even after that video and saw how much pain the comments and words were causing her that they still continued to post these comments. I just don’t understand. I need someone to explain it to me, please. Explain how this girl could be hated so much. Is it because of her looks? Because she wasn’t the most attractive, or skinniest, or beautiful? By who’s standards. Just because she isn’t beautiful to some people doesn’t mean she isn’t beautiful. She was a fucking person too. She’s the nicest and girl and she’s been through so much shit and for people to get on and post this shit, even after she killed herself? It doesn’t fucking help. I don’t know how these people live with themselves. I’m not talking about everyone out there, and if you take offense to it it’s because you’re bullying someone that doesn’t deserve it. The fact that people hide behind their computer screen, like I said, is pathetic. And who the fuck are these people to come and tell me that I’m doing the same thing by attacking them in posts like these? I’m not hiding. My name is Harli Herold and I’m telling you guys straight up that you guys that bully others are fucking sick and need to get over yourselves. Get a fucking life and stop bullying innocent people that never did shit to you. And they read these posts and it doesn’t even impact them, it has no effect at all. Because they don’t care about all the people that look down and them and despise them because they’re getting hard off of a couple people laughing and liking comments. When the hell are people going to realise this shit is real?

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