{21}: Time's A Tickin'

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Love can conquer all 

Don't be worried don't be scared, just know that I'll be there...

...My love's inside of you, and that heart that pounds 

I'm never gonna leave, never gonna leave 

Us The Duo- Never Gonna Leave You

In the last two days no one left the water. It's like we're mermaids or something. The only time we left the beach was to change clothes and shower. I nearly got sun burned, I mean it's I need to get darker than I already am.

Tomorrow night though we detached ourselves from the beach and decided to go out on the town to go out to dinner. It was half a restaurant and half a music lounge that my cousin Kaylie worked at. 

I rolled over on my towel, bopping my head to Robin Thicke's 'Get Her Back' that was pounding out of a nearby iPod dock a few feet away from me. I watched a few people as they danced and sung to it as I started humming along.

Cam pulled his sister up to dance with him as he starts singing the lyrics loudly laughing. He sings louder so that she has no choice to sing aloud with him. Laughing to myself I closed my eyes as I felt someone sit next to me.

"Glad to know what you're day has consisted... staring at my best friend," he joked.

"Oh, shut up, 'Vier! I so have NOT staring at him." I hit him playfully on his chest as he feigned hurt. He shook his head chuckling a little.

We continued to look at Seiko and Cam dance for a moment as Seiko waved at him. He grinned lovingly at her as he waved back.

"Hey, could you distract him for awhile tomorrow at the club? I need to set something up," I asked him, looking at Cam.

I tore my eyes away from Cam as I turned to him. "Yeah, whatever I can do to get you guys back together.

And that's how my plan was set to motion.


It was chaos in the house as we begin to get ready to go out.  Tonight felt different from when my parents used to take me there to sing karaoke; it was to tell Cam how I feel.

The girls helped me do my hair which was up in a chic top bun with small curly tendrils framing my face where I applied light makeup to my face. I turned around admiring the black dress that was slim at my waist. It flared out with enough tulle to hide my red sequin shorts.

The skirt I worked on earlier today was detachable that hid my shorts pretty well. Tay and Seiko came in the room as I sat down on my bed to put my sneaker wedges buying them, because of beautiful studding.

The day before I asked Xavier if he could 'borrow' Cam's iPod so that I could look through his favorite songs list without actually asking him.

"Oh, look at our best friend," Seiko gushed as she and Tay walked in my room as she helped me zip up the back of my dress that I was now struggling with. 

"Well thanks, girls," smiling. I was a bit nervous at what his reaction would be. 

"Everything's in place, hon. Now it's up to you. You can do this, if you're scared just think about Cam, because I mean that's who you're doing it for right?" Tay encouraged me as Seiko nodded her head in agreement.

"Right." I  confidently answered her.

"I can't wait to see my brother's face." She exclaimed as she squeezed my hand as both her and Tay walked out her.

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