Chapter 9

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Later that night, the Aethereal Queen and her Crucis Sentinels all came to visit in her guest house around Ten o'clock that evening. They all sat around in a living room and made themselves comfortable. The Aethereal Queen addressed her Crucis Sentinels, "Thank you all for coming here. I hope your first day here on this campus was a good one."

"Yeah, everybody's on edge," Chelsea dreaded.

"For good reason. This so-called monster hasn't been caught. And I do have a feeling we might even have more trouble dealing with the situation," Lycka stated.

"More glory hogs?" Blair questioned.

"If they're not a few, they are many," Lycka answered. "The sooner we get this done, the better off we will be. I don't want to have other people trying to make a name for themselves and getting themselves killed."

Blair scoffed, "Of course."

This had always been a problem with the Crux Nexus. It's hard enough dealing with situations like the one they're having now, but having outside interference doesn't make matters any better. It just leads to many others getting injured or even worse, getting killed. That is why the Crux Nexus pride themselves on being well-educated and always studying. Having the ability and the flexibility to redesign, rebuild, and reclaim had always been their most current motto and their greatest strength. The situation they are dealing with right now is preferably a common one. However, it only takes one simple mistake, or someone else's monkeyshines to cause so much chaos. That is why they never handle any kind of situation lightly.

"I was talking to my sources the other day. Word on the street is that Zayne and the Grandmaster of Oleander are calling a truce," Cherie gossiped.

Selena cocked an eyebrow, "Is that so?"

"And the Grandmaster's sister and her little psycho friends still want Revan's wings to get clipped," Cherie finished.

"And what does this have to do with our mission, Cherie?" Selena questioned as Cherie shrugged her shoulders and explained why.

"Not everybody is cool with Dolph Eichner quietly phasing out the old ways and pushing out the old guard out of the Syndicate, that's all. Now, he wants to bring Xerxes and the Apex Predators to the table and end this feud between the warring factions."

"That is never going to happen. Simone Muertes will eat him alive," Selena predicted.

Simone Muertes also was known as "Reina Asesina" is the leader of a special ops team known as the Apex Predators under the Oleander Syndicate umbrella. Simone had been fed up with the current Grandmaster for quite some time and even blames Dolph and her sister for supposedly killing the previous Grandmaster and her family. Hell-bent on proving herself right, she defected herself from the Oleander Syndicate 10 years ago under deplorable terms, taking her team and her contacts along with her.

It has been a game of chicken ever since between the rest of the Oleander Syndicate and the Apex Predators.

It was a situation that Erika is well educated on as she gives her opinion, "Never underestimate the power in the influence of Dolph Eichner. Before him, Simone Muertes and many others had to answer to their previous Grandmaster."

"And last time I checked, she's dead. They're not going to keep this up forever, honoring her last wishes before her death. Eventually, someone will kill him," Selena contradicted.

"John Jones made hundreds and hundreds of people drink poisoned Kool-Aid all because he was captivating enough to do so. Sometimes people just have it in them to make people do what they want them to do," Erika eerily counterpointed.

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