Unfortunate Antics

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Once again, being a live in maid and personal assistant for the most influential billionaire in the world would have everyone falling head over heels for a job. But if you had a pretty annoying; obnoxious and arrogant boss like myself, then purlease walk away from any man who glares at you in a suit.

Suits are bad.

Don't get me wrong, I mean I don't mind the luxury of living in such a beautiful house or being able to eat such scrumptious meals, made by yours truly, but right now I feel like the world is tumbling over me.


And by world, I mean my boss - scrap that - he isn't the world to me but a very huge and heavy man.

"Darius," I whispered.

Oh God the life of me, I feel like I can't breathe.

Why did I have to be so nice, I rolled my eyes thinking back to how I had stumbled over and landed myself right underneath the beast of a man.

He's been on the edge recently, what with this little assassination attempt and having all the bruises and cuts and not forgetting a broken arm, which means I am pretty much on hand for everything he needs. I sighed, sometimes it felt like I was baby sitting more than actually helping.

"Darius," I tried again, struggling to push his arm off me, but the man was made out of bricks.

It was just a little past midnight, usually he was awake on such nights but the medication helped him to sleep better than most days. I was just on my way to bed when I heard coughing coming from his bedroom. I called out to him, but there was no reply and so I walked in to see what was wrong.

Oh sorry, I forgot I should have knocked, but how could I when all the lights were off and I didn't want to make anymore noise in fear of waking him, so I went to see what was wrong.

The room was dark and it was not because of the lack of light, just like its inhabitant the room was wide, spacious and filled with darkness with the simple decor he had placed around. I had widened my eyes in awe at the four poster bed situated just by the side of the room, closer to the door. I used to have one similar, except it was smaller and pink, after all someone was daddy's princess.

The wooden flooring was also furnished in the bedroom, albeit for the fluffy grey rug that was splayed around the bed. Though I had little time to admire the rest of the room as the coughing continued.

As I got closer to the bed, I moved the light curtains by the side, only to see the beast a boss sleeping soundly like a little baby. I wasn't sure if I was relieved or confused to know he was not awake, though the voice in my head told me it was wrong to stare. I let out a small sigh, pushing my glasses forward.

Once again he coughed, and turned over to sleep on his back, I suddenly ducked down hoping he would not awaken to see my unsightly face, after all it was late and what with dressed in a white night gown and my hair tangled in all kinds of places, someone would probably mistaken me for a wandering spirit.

I peeked from below and placed a hand on the side of the bed, careful not to make any noise. I looked over the mattress feeling its softness on my skin as I stood up, quietly. Darius coughed once again, causing me to flinch in surprise.

" No, don't do it," I argued to myself, clenching a fist. I stepped forward, but took another back, contemplating if I should get closer, after all he was coughing more than usual and propping another pillow under his head would do him well to have him in an upright position.

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