Dresses, Dresses, & More Dresses

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/An: Hey guys. So I want to say thank you for reading my story. It just recently broke 1,000 reads! Thank you all so much! Also, this is sadly a short chapter and so are the next five. Just bare with my please, it's worth it. Enjoy! :)\

(Olivia POV)

I walk into the house around 1:00. When I step into the living room my sisters are no where to be seen. I look around but they're no where. 

"Kayla, Kaleigh I"m home!" No answer. 

"Where are you?" No answer again, but this time I hear Kaleigh's laugh come from upstairs. I run up there and go into Kaleigh's room.

"Kaleigh? Are you in here?" Nothing, not even a laugh. 

"BOO!" Kaleigh and Kayla jump out from behing Kaleigh's bed. 

"Oh my god! What the fuck!" they're on the floor laughing hard.

"H-Hi Olivia!" Kayla's laughing too hard to even speak.

"Guys that's not funny!" I wine.

"Sorry Olivia," Kaleigh says.

"I nearly peed my pants!" 

"Awe Olivia, come on. We love you." 

"You kniw I can't stay mad at you guys," They smile and we all hug. 

"So how was the shoot?" I ask as we pull away from one another. 

"Good, we did a shoot for Coke! Wanna see?" Kayla answers anI nod.

She shows me her black and white picture. The only color is her bright red lipstick and the Coke can. Her hair is gorgeously curled and her outfit is super cute. She's sipping from a coke can. 

"This picture is too cute! I love the pop of color."

"Thank you." 

"Here's mine," Kaleigh shows me her picture. It's in color, unlike Kayla's. She's on the floor looking at a Coke bottle and surrounded by packages of Coke. Her hair is in a sleaked back pony tail and she has red lipstick on. She's wearing a long red trench coat and red pumps. 

"I like this picture too, You look amazing."

"Thank you."

"What time is it?" I ask.

"1:40," Kayla informs me.

"Ok, I'll be right back." I run to my room and change out of my practice clothes. I just put on a pair of jean booty shorts, a white long sleeve crop top with some random number printed on it in red, and my same shoes from earlier. I brush my hair and leave on my snapback. My make-up is a little messy so I touch it up. 

(Sophia POV)

I pick up Perrie at her recording studio.

"Hey girl!" Perrie says cheerfully. 

"Hi! How are you? You look cute," She is wearing a sunflower print sundress, a jean jacket, and black sandals. Her hair is in a messy bun.

"Thanks hun. I'm good, you?"

"You're welcome. And I'm great thank you."

"That's good! You look cute too, love the dress!" Perrie complements me on my outfit. I'm wearing purple long sleeve shirt dress, and brown knee high boots. My hair is up in a wavy ponytail. 

"Thanks Perrie! Your so sweet."

"Ok, we are here!" I say as I turn into the parking lot.

(In the store: "Dresses, Dresses, & More Dresses")

We all say 'Hi' and exchange hugs. 

"Are you ready to shop?!" Perrie yells out

"Yes!" All the rest of the girls and I yell.

"We'll what are we waiting for? Lets go!" Kayla says.

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