Chapter:20 ~ Thoughts (Part II)

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Xavier's POV:

I noticed her walking downstairs from the corner. She looks cute in that sweater...which is mine...just like her.

She seemed to be finding me in the dim lights.

'Xavier?', She called. My names suits on her lips. I love when she calls me by my name.

'You look very cute in this.', I said the exact words which I said two years ago. She didn't look back. She is shy.

She remembers.

I get close to her and I can see her body shift in embarrassment. I shifted her hairs to one side of the shoulder. I pulled down the dress from the other and placed a kiss in the crook of her bare neck.

She moaned and it's all my pleasure. I turned her to face me. She looked down not at me. I cupped her face and placed another kiss on her neck. She gulped to my touch.

'I love to make you blush and nervous wih my touch.', I said as she met my eyes. Her nose turned pink. I kissed her nose making it turn red. I placed my hand on her waist from behind and pulled her to me for a kiss. My focus was on her wound which I don't want to hurt.

We kissed as she took her step back from the force which my lips were putting on her. She stopped when she get between the wall and me. But one thing that has not stopped is our kiss.

My left hand kept her face in place for kiss while my other hand went distracted to get inside the dress. Her one hand was on my chest to keep my force in control while the other one was into my hairs to pull me towards herself.

My hand grazed inside her dress making circles on her thigh.

She moaned between the kiss when I moved my fingers on her underpants. I pulled it down and caressed her core. It's hot with desires just like me.

'Xavier...', She pulled apart from the kiss as she moaned louder this time. Her body stretched against the wall while I continued my play down there.

'Oh God!', She screamed squeezing her fingers in my hairs as I entered my fingers inside her.

'I am sorry baby. But I want to taste you right now, right here.', I said keeping our gaze locked.

She closed her eyes and I know I got her.

I bend down on my knees. I kissed her leg from her knee to her thigh without breaking my contact with her skin. I pulled down her underpants and threw it somewhere without my knowledge.

I took her one leg over my shoulder and kissed her core with passion and with my burning desires which wanted to complete.

She moaned and moaned to make it much better for me.

I fuckin' love her so much that I can't control my desires for her.

I stopped and stood on my feet to look at her face which is red with the things that just happened.

'Don't take it wrong. It was an appetizer before the actual date starts.', I said smiling. She smiled back with her trying-to-hide blush.

'I don't think that's how date starts!', She exclaimed looking down from my eyes.

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