chapter one.

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Beware; unedited.

Chapter One

                There were times when Tara felt bad for going behind her parents’ backs. At that moment, all she could think about was how her father would kill her if he found out what she was doing. She had been through this feeling before, having done that very thing many times before. She knew deep down that she should betray her parents like she was, but she couldn’t help it. She was following her heart, and her heart wanted Blake.

                They were on their way to a party. Ryan, Blake’s best friend’s, party. She had done it countless times- sneaking out of her house with Blake to go to a party. Of course she had felt bad, but she was going with Blake, and that was all that mattered.

                “Are you okay?” Blake asked, glancing from the road to her with a concerned look on his gorgeous face.

                His chiseled features were what had drawn her to him; that and his remarkable charm. Looking at him then, she noticed the slight five-o-clock shadow that was growing on his chin due to not shaving. Tara liked that; the scratchy feeling wasn’t completely pleasant, but it definitely made him look sexy.

                “Just thinking about how my dad would react to this,” Tara gave a humorless laugh as she squeezed Blake’s hand, which was intertwined with hers.

                Blake pulled up their hands to plant a kiss on hers. Even though he didn’t look like it at first, or even act like it at first, Tara knew that her boyfriend was the sweetest boy in the world. While most girls would say that about their boyfriend and then get treated like trash, Blake never treated Tara like anything other than a princess, which was how she liked it. Their “fights” consisted of her yelling at him once, him yelling at her once, and then they would kiss. It reminded her of like Noah and Ali in The Notebook.

                “I love you,” Bake’s voice was soft when he spoke.

                The use of the L word still gave Tara butterflies. Not because she didn’t feel the same way- she completely did- , but because he felt the need to say it. Blake had done it in an attempt to calm Tara down, and by the way Tara’s conscience was no longer screaming at her to get out of the car and back into the safe haven of her warm bed, it was working. Now, though, her heart was beating erratically. She was pretty sure Blake could hear it; it sounded a thousand times louder than it usually did.

                “I love you, too,” Tara whispered, feeling warm inside because of how right it felt to say those words.

                They didn’t feel forced, or untrue. They felt real, like they weren’t just words, but they were backed with feelings. They were filled with emotion; with her whole heart.

                “I love hearing those words from you,” Blake surprised Tara as he spoke, a small smile forming on his face from the feeling.

                Out of all the times Tara had told Blake that she loved him, he had never said that to her. It just confirmed that he felt the exact same way about her that she did about him.

                Tara was no longer feeling nervous at all by the time Blake drove up Ryan’s back, reserved driveway. He went up that one because the regular driveway was filled with other people’s cars. Blake didn’t want to be blocked in when he and Tara left, so he used the personal entrance that only Blake and Ryan’s family used.

                Tara’s eyes widened slightly at the house before her. She had been to Ryan’s house before, but it never failed to surprise her. Coming from a fairly small town, there weren’t many people that were ‘rich.’ The houses in their town consisted of mostly two stories with three or four bedrooms. That was luxury for them. Ryan’s house had too many rooms to count. His family was in the car dealing industry. His dad made the big bucks, just as Blake’s dad did- the two men were partners.