XXII : Blonde

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Too bad but it's too sweet.
It's too sweet, it's too sweet.


Your pov

   The way she glanced her eyes at things was powerful and terrifying at the same time. One thing i am proud to say was that even so, I didn't look away when she looked at me.

Now she looked at him. She smiled to show me he's important to her. She tried so hard to show me that her relationship and Peter is better than mine.

She's taking him away. I watched him walk away with her. I hoped for the best but my instinct knows something isn't right.

I waited.

I'm still waiting.

I ignored all Liz's guards and drown myself with my own thoughts. I'm still waiting for him.

I heard a gunshot.

I stood up from the seat. Stared at the path that Peter and Liz left. I begged to god that what my instinct told me was wrong yet i know exactly what's going on.

One of her guards walked out of the corner, he was holding a gun in his hand.

"What's this?" Another guard asked.

"She told me to get rid of her."

Words stuck on my throat and my body won't move like I want it too. All i did was just watching him loaded the gun.

"Peter..." I heard my own voice, i felt a grip on my arms, holding me still.

"This won't hurt one bit." Her guard whispered to my ears.

"Here we go." Another guard with a gun lifted his hand up towards my head. Before i could try to resist or even to fight back. He pulled the trigger.


One single drop of tears rolled down my cheek as I realized he shot... the guard behind me.

He pulled me behind his back and continued shooting the rest of the regardless guards. One by one. Bullet by bullet. He didn't missed a single shots.

Everything ended so fast. The next thing i see was all the dead bodies and blood. I want to throw up badly but the guy came closer.

"My name is Joseph. I'm Mr Parker's spy."

"You're a what?"

Before he could confirm anything the main door burst open with the face that gave me a relief.


"Ms (L/n)!" He rushed to me.

"Peter is in there! I heard a gunshot. Hurry!"

He nodded and brought a couple of his people in there. And heaven's sake... the last one joined this place was Jason.

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