38- we had a deal

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Tyler stopped in front of his apartment, parking against the curb after making sure the street was free from cops and his bosses. We were there two hours early, and would use those two hours to our advantage.

I grabbed Tyler's hand as we walked up to his apartment. After twisting the key, he opened the door to reveal the place I was once a prisoner in. It was dark and looked exactly same, minus just one change.

Someone else was in there, sitting on the couch watching television.

"Oh hey, you're home." The young woman stood up and turned to face us, wearing a gray jacket and tight jeans. I glared at the long blonde locks framing her face, and the blue eyes that instantly looked down at Tyler and I's interlocking fingers. I didn't notice how tight my grip had become until Tyler gently squeezed, and I reluctantly started to relax.

"You must be the girl that fucked everything up." She said, her voice high and bitchy-sounding. Or maybe that was just how I heard it.

"And who the hell are you-" I began. 

"What are you doing here, Mariah?" Tyler interrupted. 

"Just making sure you don't try anything." She replied.

Gone were our chances of procuring an exit, since Tyler's fire escape still didn't exist. We were planning to tie some rope outside of a window that could act as a secondary escape if the meeting went south. Better yet, we had even considered setting some traps in case they decided to attack us, but now we had nothing.

"You know they're not just gonna let you go, right?" Mariah reminded him.

"I know. But I have to try."

Mariah nodded her head once in acknowledgement before she walked closer over to us. She stopped directly in front of Tyler, and my possessiveness had me leaning into him more to remind her not to touch him. "Do you have it?"

Tyler reached into his pocket to get the watch. He handed it to her along with the two pieces of jewelry. After inspecting them, Mariah got out her phone and dialed a number.

"They have it." She said into the receiver before hanging up. Then she turned to us again, motioning to the couch after putting the items on a side table. "Why don't we all have a seat while we wait."

"Fine." Tyler pulled on my hand to lead me to the couch despite my reluctance. I was practically dragging my feet over to the couch where I sat on the opposite end as Mariah. Tyler was stuck in the middle, making sure to sit closer to my side. 

We were only on that couch for twenty minutes before the door burst open. All three of our heads swiveled to look at the entryway as both brothers stormed in along with one other man that I didn't recognize. He looked just as threatening with his big frame and intimidating demeanor, and my eyes were instantly drawn to a mole on his cheek. Therefore, his nickname would be Mr. Mole.

Before the three men could advance on us, Tyler and I stood up quickly to face them, keeping the couch between us and them. Mark's eyes met mine with rage while I'm sure mine were filled with a mixture of fear and anger. I clenched my fists by my sides as my expression dared him to take another step towards me.

"I never thought it would come to this, Tyler." Mark said. He and his posse stood with their arms crossed as Mariah went over to join them. Four of them against two of us, with only a couch as a barrier.

"My family has worked for you long enough. Just let us go." Tyler reasoned.

"You really want to turn your back on us? After everything we've done for you?"

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