Chapter:20 ~ Thoughts (Part I)

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Ariana's POV:

'I don't care. I still want you.', He said and left.

He didn't explain anything. He didn't tell what he should have confessed to me. How can he just leave like that? How can he just be so stern after what happened between us?

I love you Idiot! I don't care if you hurt me. It's you whom I love more than anything.

I closed my eyes to absorb my pain. The wound doesn't hurt that much but he is hurting me.


I opened my eyes to see the nurse changing my drips. She smiled politely at me.

'Are you feeling better?', She asked.

'Yeah. Much better.', I replied with a smile.

'You are lucky. Your husband loves you very much.', She said making me widen my eyes in surprise.

Xavier called himself my husband when she came to change my clothes. If only I could say that it's not what she thinks.

I replied with a small nod.

'He seems to very possessive and caring.', She smiled again.

I felt my cheeks red in embarrassment.

'I am sorry for his behaviour before.', I apologised to her feeling embarrassed.

'It's completely fine. It feels happy to see a couple who loves each other so much. He never left his eyes away from you when he was near you. I remember his face when he brought you to the hospital. His eyes didn't stop from shedding out tears until the doctor confirmed you safe.', She said making my heart feel the warmth of his love.

'A man is good at hiding emotions but if he shed out tears then it shows how much he cares about you. He loves you from his soul. Never ever lose him.', She advised putting her hand on my shoulder.

'Even if I want I can't leave him. My heart stops smiling when he is not with me.', I answered as I felt tears building in my eyes.

She smiled to my reply.

'I have given you a small dose of anaesthesia for now. Just complete your rest. You will be discharged soon. Fortunately, it was not a deep injury.', She said and left.

I love him. And my soul knows that he too loves me. The way he made his love to me, the way he looked at me...all defines his love. His eyes, his smile, his smirk and my injured lower lip is all I can think to feel what he just did to me in these few days.

I thought he will kill me when he will see me anytime in this life. But when we met it was different.

I wanted to be strong, but I ended up being weak when he touched me. He wanted to hurt me but he ended up confessing to me.

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