Chapter#:1 (Season 2 Part One) Midoriya? The Next All Might

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I Wake Up To Realise That I'm In a Bed Inside Recovery Girl's Office

"Oh Great Im here again" I Said Annoyed

I Jumped up "Well I guess I'm ready to start my day" I Walked Out The Room To See Recovery Girl

"Oh You're Up" She Said
"Well You Can Get Going I all Ready Healed You But Be careful you are running out of stamina" She Continued

"Yeah yeah I know but I'm going to get going" But Just As I Said That I remembered what I saw before I passed out


I Turn Around to see My Classmates and I looked down to see Tomura Starting to get up but Some kind of Lazer Bullet Rushed Past me into Tomura Leg

"Aaagghghhhh" He Screamed
Causeing Kurogiri To Block Him and Teleport away But All Might seems different I run over to help him to see a half deformed All Might

"You Should be with the Class" He Said Worried

"Okay" I Said Backing Away Until I Passed Out


What was that I Need to know alright let me ask him


I Looked Around For All Might But Couldn't Find Him all this is so frustrating how hard is it just to look for one guy I started walking around asking if people have seen All might
But No One Has Seen Him

When I Went to Class I Headed torward for Midorya to ask him but The Bell For Lunch Rang

"Damnit" I said Quietly

Untill I saw Midoriya,Ochaco and Ilda

"Hey guys" I Said To Them Annoyed

"Whats Wrong (Y/N)" Midorya asked concerned

"Don't Worry About it" I Replied

"Oh Ok" Midoriya Replied Like He Didn't Believe Me

Midoriya Proceeded to ask why Ochaco is trying to become a hero

Long Story Short She Needs Money To Help Her Family With There Business

Right When I Was About To Leave All Might Came Out Of Hiding

"Young Midoriya Is Here" He Screamed While Entering The Area

"All Might What Are You Doing Here" Midoriya Asked Concerned

"Wanna have lunch with me" All Might Replied Only So Ochaco Could Laugh at him saying that

Midoriya Looked at Ilda and he shook his head yes and Midoriya left

'Where Are They Going' I Thought to Myself

"Uhh I have to go" I Quickly Said to Ilda and Ochaco

"Uh Ok We Will See you later Then" Ilda Said as They Both Start Walking Away

I Quickly Turn Around and Follow Midoriya And All Might and watch as thet Walk Into a Room I go to the door to listen but hear All Might sound different but its fine

Only To Hear Them Talk About Midoriya's Quirk

But What I Heard Next Shocked Me

"I granted you my power because i wanted you to succeed me do you still feel the same way as back then Don't You" All Might Stated

Midoriya Responded With "Yes"

'Granted Power?' I Thought To Myself

'Succeed All Might?' Questions Flowing Through My Head

All Might Continued "The UA Sports festival is something Pro Heros- no the whole country--is watching closly. A Big Event; that is what I brought you hear to talk about, The Next All Might the fledging Symbol of Piece Izuku Midoriya"

I Have Heard Enough I get up and walk into the room

All Might Shocked Stares at me

"So All Might thats what you really look like huh?" I Said Shocked at his face

I Want To Know everything starting from how,when,and why Midoriya Got His Quirk.

So That Is The End Of This Chapter
Took Some Time To Make But I Want To Thank You All For Supporting Me And I Hope You Guys Have a Good Day
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