chapter eight ; ...and it's you

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november. 2009

Millie paced frantically in the kitchen while Finn was sitting on a bar stool. They were at Millie's cabin to discuss the Jacob situation. They'd both been scared out of their minds ever since they saw their boss beating up Wyatt.

"He killed a guy with his fists!" Millie exclaimed. The curly haired boy nodded his head in agreement.

"I don't want to seem paranoid... But I know that Jacob will kill us whenever he gets the chance." She added in a rational manner.

They were the only witnesses to Jacob murdering Wyatt. It was simply obvious for him to take out Finn and Millie. Jacob had made enough money to last for quite awhile. It just made sense for him to tie up loose ends.

"Maybe we should just go to the cops." The brunette girl suggested. "We both know Jacob is going to kill us. It seems like telling the police is the only way we can make it out alive."

Finn instantly shook his head. He was kind of upset that she would even think that telling the cops was an option. It definitely was not an option for Finn to get caught.

"Look, we'll think of something. I promise."

Millie was glad that Finn was cooperating, but promises didn't help. They needed a solution,not a promise.


The brunette girl deeply exhaled after taking a hit of her cigarette. The bitter yet satisfying taste of tobacco entering her mouth. She was standing outside a supermarket, waiting for someone.

The person she was waiting for was a friend of Sean Astin's. The man in question was an illegal arms dealer. Millie wanted to get a gun to protect herself from Jacob, but since she wouldn't be able to pass a background check, she had to buy it illegally.

"Ugh, what the fuck is taking so long." She muttered quite loudly to herself. A middle aged woman stared at her. There was a table of girl scouts trying to sell cookies. They were just a few feet away from Millie and the kids' mother heard her profanity.

The woman cleared her throat and smiled. "Please don't swear in front of the children." She said politely. One of the young girl scouts watched in anticipation as her mother tried to take on Millie.

"I didn't swear, you cunt." The brunette girl retorted as she dropped her cigarette onto the ground. The woman just stared at her in shock.

Moments after the altercation, Millie's cellphone began to ring. She pulled it out of her pocket and saw it was Sean calling. She opened her phone and hit the small green button.

"Yeah uh Millie... My guy backed out. He says that he doesn't know enough about you to be able to sell you anything." Sean informed her. This news made her absolutely livid. The whole point of illegally buying a gun is you don't have to be a good person. She was confused as to why an illegal weapon dealer wouldn't do business with her.

"Wait... what?" She responded, a look of confusion on her face.

She could hear Sean let out a deep sigh. "He's worried that you're an undercover cop."

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