chapter seven ; i pick my poison...

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november. 2009

Finn repeatedly pounded his fist on Millie's front door. He'd been knocking for around two minutes however there was no answer. He knew she had to be home because her car was there, but he was beginning to lose hope.

The boy jolted back when the door suddenly flung open. Millie's hair was dripping wet and she was wearing a bathrobe. She had a very annoyed look on her face.

"Yo I was taking a shower, the hell do you want?" She scoffed. Finn rolled his eyes and stepped into the small house.

"Look, I think Jacob might want to kill you. I'm probably just paranoid and I don't want to worry you but he made a joke about murdering you and... I know he's insane. He would kill you in an instant if he had to." Finn informed.

It took Millie a moment to process everything that Finn was saying. She always had a feeling that Jacob was a bit unhinged, but she didn't believe that he would actually kill her.

She smiled. She was very flattered by how concerned her friend was. "We'll just have to watch our backs. Honestly, I don't think we have anything to worry about."

Millie was doing her best to be an optimist, however on the inside she was scared out of her mind. Ever since she met Finn her life had really been going downhill.


"So, is there any news about this 'perfect' meth?" Robert questioned as he walked into David's office. He walked over to a large wooden table and placed a cup of coffee on a napkin.

"Well there are some rumors about a guy named Jacob. Apparently he's been selling some of it to the cartel. Other than that, there is nothing." The older man answered with a sigh.

That brief statement got Robert thinking. He was an extroardinarily smart man. He always made straight A's in school and was known for his knowledge. He took a moment to simply brainstorm an idea or two.

"What if that Jacob guy killed Peyton Wich? Peyton was carrying the perfect meth. Maybe Peyton was one of Jacob's dealers." he suggested.

David shifted in his seat and his eyes widened. Robert's theory made a lot of sense and he was very intrigued.

"See if you can find out exactly who Jacob is." David retorted. Robert grinned and nodded before heading towards the door. It wasn't going to be an easy job, but he wasn't one to simply give up.


"I simply cannot believe that you both want to drop out of school. I could understand you, Miss Brown. But Mister Wolfhard, why? just why?"

Finn and Millie were sitting next to eachother on a small bench in the principal's office. They were both going to drop out of highschool so they could focus completely on running their meth business. It's probably not a good idea to quit school so you can attempt to start a drug empire, but neither of them really cared.

Millie despised school. She skipped many days and always flunked every test. She viewed it as a complete waste of time. She felt like she didn't really need to further her education.

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