Request Rules

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Hello, this is a book of One Shots for Power Rangers, but you already knew that so here are the rules!

1.) No Smut! I will not write any one shots that include smut because I'm personally don't like smut or writing it. Sorry to all the people that do. I hope you can still enjoy.

2.) You are allowed to request just about anything else for any season of Power Rangers (or even the 2017 movie reboot) such as an x reader, x OC, etc. Heck, it can even be for my OC story for Power Rangers Dino Charge, The Waitress. Yes, that was a not-so-subtle plug for it. Just request whatever you want for Power Rangers.

3.) I'm setting a limit now on how many one shots you can request. You can only request up to three one shots.

Those were all the rules. You can comment or message your requests to me. Now request what you want to be written!

[Now Open Again!]

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