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"What are you doing?" I asked, feeling my body being laid down on my bed, but not opening my eyes.

"Scoot over." His voice, full of sleep. 

"I'm not even in my pajamas." I protested.

"What, I carry you to bed, and you want me to change you?" He questioned.

"Fine." I sighed, pulling my sweatpants off, and sitting up to slip off my bra. 

He pulled his shirt over his head, before pulling me into him, and pulling the covers over us.

"I don't even like you Matthews." I mumbled, sleep taking back over.

"I don't like you either Finley." 


By the time I woke up, he was gone. 

It was crazy to me that he had now slept in my bed with me twice, and I didn't like anything about him.

Okay, maybe I liked his body. Or how he smiled when he practiced. Or how he cuddled me.

But besides all of those things, I didn't like him.

I didn't like him.


I pulled on some shorts, and went out to grab a cup of coffee. Auston sat at the counter, drinking his own cup of coffee. Steph and Mitch's door was still closed, so I knew they were still in bed. I went to the cupboard and grabbed out a mug, and poured myself a cup of coffee. I grabbed a water out of the fridge, and my pills out of the cabinet. 

One by one the counter began to be filled with a variety of pills.

Auston gave me a worried glance.

"Are you ODing in front of me or something?" 

"No." I rolled my eyes at him, getting my last few pills out.

"What are all the pills for?" 

"That's personal." I said, sorting my pills into piles of how I was going to take them.

"Are you dying?" He asked, his tone serious, and a nervous look spread across his face.

"Seriously?" I deadpanned. "You're not getting rid of me that easily."

He sat there waiting for an explanation, as I decided how much I was going to tell him.

"I have severe anxiety. So I take these two." I held up two pills. "I don't want to get pregnant and I want to be as healthy as possible so I take these three. The rest of these are for general conditions that I don't feel the need to disclose to you."

"I didn't expect you to take all of those pills in that bag." 

"My mental health is the majority of the pills." I admitted. "But I'm still not crazy." 

He watched me as I took all of my pills, and threw my water bottle at him when I was finished.

"Quit judging me." 

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