After hoping into Jesse's Audi, by going through the back door of the hotel, we finally arrived at a secluded horse ranch. It was quite far from the city, and more into the deep country. Apparently Jesse own this place, and surprise wasn't the word. I didn't even blink when he mentioned he owned his hobby.

Giving a quick over look at the open wild area, I could tell I was going to love this place. Maybe if was wearing an appropriate outfit, it would have been better, but Jesse was persistent on surprising me. He wouldn't tell me where we were heading.

The air was fresh, away from the polluted urban. You could almost hear the chirping of the birds nesting nearby, as well as some animals perched up by the trees and bushes. The land was secluded by mostly pine trees and by the distant a beautiful mountain could be seen. It was indeed breathtaking.

Without hesitation Jesse grabbed my hand and we walk hand in hand to a cabin house not so far away. On the way there, I could see a bunch of kids entering and exiting the main lobby of the ranch, happy faces sprawled across their faces.

"Guten abend Mr Jesse," a white haired man greeted Jesse, in what I assumed was German. "I've been expecting you! It's good to finally see you again after so long."

His face was kind and patience, just by looking at him sent me some sort of a good vibe. He had a trainer badge on his left breast pocket and a horse riding hat on.

"Guten Abend Joshua. Thank you, I arrived today," Jesse nodded politely and the man returned it with a bow to the both of us, sending me a quick warm smile.

"Hi Joshua," I replied sheepishly, embarrassed from not know what to say. Mentally scolding myself, I  should have bought that German dictionary in the airport.

"Joshua, this is Amelia Heart. We are here for Antonio."

"Ahh just in time," the man replied with heavy accent, "follow me please."

As we follow Joshua to a barn on the distance I couldn't help but admire the horses on the field. They look so well groomed and taken care of, I was proud of Jesse. We didn't talk, I was alright with that, the view kept me company anyway.

Just as we stepped into the barn, Joshua soon left us alone. I didn't like that idea one bit, but Jesse wouldn't try anything I'm sure. I scanned the barn and not mistakenly two majestic horses were perched up behind strong wooden divisors. The room wasn't plain or anything like that, he made it custom to have little horses designs along the wall, there were flowers painted along the roof.

"This place is beautiful."

"Thank you , I bought this place 2 years ago and made it a horse riding club," he said proudly ,"we also have kids over to have class. This place is perfect for horse fanatic."

I smiled and we stopped at a black horse, jesse released our conjoining hand and began to rub on "Antonio". He was a magnificent looking horse, with built body and pretty long legs. He reminded me so much of the man next to me, but he wasn't suppose to know that.

"He's something." I sigh dreamily. My fingers lace with the midnight locks cascading down Antonio's head, "Sexy is the word."

"I'm much more sexy," Jesse perked up, his lips lifted into a knowing smirk, "don't deny it."

He walked closer, looming over me, as he back me up against the wooden door. The sexy smile of his never leaving.

" In your dream Mr. Jesse," I whispered slightly fazed by the proximity. He was going to seduce me I knew,  bastard! He knew how much he affected me.

"You look beautiful in this outfit," He whispered as he leaned in by my ear, his lips slightly grazing the sensitive skin,  "But you know what would be better ?."

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