Orphan Killer (Watty Awards 2012)

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As a child I was young and helpless, My dad had ran away from me, my mother and my sister Kylie then when I turned 5 I killed my mother, I told you I was young and Helpless so now here I am at the adoption Center with my sister Kylie who will be living her own was next year and I will be left to be adopted.

I look at my blank wall in the Adoption Centers room, I hear a knock on the door "Who is it" I yell, "It's Me Rachel honey, A lady has came to see you" said Rachel the owner of this dull place "Coming" I yell, I know I won't be adopted, they might adopt Kylie but not me. I get up and go to the room, I see a young lady looking at my papers, I walk in, the lady looks up "Hello, you Sasha right?" asks the lady "That's right and you are miss Amanda Wrightly?" I asked "Yep that's me" said Amanda, she looks at the paragraph that says I killed my own mother, she screams and runs out of the room, I sit in the room, I hear hr saying that she will adopt Kylie not me, a tear runs down my cheek, I wont be able to see Kylie any more, I would have to hang out with my bestie Niki now so I walk out the room and go to my room then I hear another knock "What is it Rachel!" I say "Oh you have another vister, I'm sure you will be adopted" I walk out the room to the other room and I see the lady.

I walk into the room, "Oh Hello Sasha" said the lady "I'm Terri Whitalow" said Terri "Um hi" I say nerves, She looks at the paragraph that says I killed my mother "Oh I'm sure you didn't mean that did you Sasha?" asked Terri "Mean What" I asked her "Kill your mother" says Terri "Yes I didn't mean that" I say at last, Terri smiles and walks out the room, I hear her, she is going to adopt me, wait a minute, ME!, Me me me! I jump up and down, I run out the room to my room and start packing, I see Kylie packing, we both jump around laughing, Rachel opens the door "Sasha you have been adopted" said Rachel then left the room.

Onece I had finished I go out to see Terri and I smile and put my bags in her car, she hops in and so does I.

Once we reached her house it is small and gloomy looking, I hate the sight of the place, I get my bag and go in side, Terri shows me my room and she closes the door behind me, it creeks and slams shuts, I turn on a light and start unpacking, I see a patch of old blood but walk past it to my bed.

Terri comes in "Sasha its dinner time, come and meet your father" said Terri then she walks to the kitchen, I follow, I see a man and sit down next to him, he looks at me "Hello, I'm Mick but call me dad" said Mick, I nodd, Dinner was surved and it is Chicken and chips, I enjoy it, once I finished I go to my room and go on my iPad, Great, Kylie is online on Facebook so I sent her messages, I get a message saying "Watch Around You Sasha, Im coming to get you!" it reads, I look at the window and see a boy out side, he must be from next door, I relize it's Harry Styles from One Direction...

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