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HIS HEART BEATED HEAVILY IN HIS EARS AS HE STOOD IN THE MIDST OF A BATTLEFIELD. The Clairvoyant didn't know where it was that he was at, and he didn't want to figure that out. He narrowed his eyes on his surroundings and watched as there was a truck split in half and engulfed in flames. Screams echoed throughout his mind, and as he stood in the middle of the street, no one seemed to be able to see him. His feet were planted in the ground and he raised an eyebrow as he stood there. What was it that was going on around him? Was there a way that he could postpone it all from going down? But then again, what was it that was going on around him?

A woman's scream echoed the air, and his heart sank to the bottom of his chest. He glanced over his shoulder to see a red-haired woman laying on the ground, a strange an alien weapon pressed against her chest. Nathaniel narrowed his eyes in on what was happening and he slowly shook his head. He tried to interfere in everything that was going on around him. But he couldn't. Nothing could stop the immense battle that was going on in the vacant streets.

But the woman who was laying on the ground wasn't the only person he recognized in the fight around him. There was a blonde haired woman, but it wasn't Venus Seren or Charlotte Rogers, it was Natasha Romanoff. His lips parted as he watched her fight off these new foes with Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson, as well as Scarlett Rowan and Nova Deyes. He didn't even believe that they had allowed her into the team, she was currently under their arrest for her various string of murders. How was she fighting alongside them?

Suddenly, it seemed like the entire team was gone, which left him alone with the red-haired woman who was screaming in agony. In reality, the rest of the team that he saw was still there. They just seemed to be frozen in time. Unable to move from their positions and help the one who was laying on the ground in an ever so growing pool of blood.

Nathaniel rushed over to the woman until he realized who it was. The Clairvoyant sank to his knees as he stared down at her before he pulled her into his lap. His emerald eyes met with her own as she stared off into the distance, looking straight through him. He rested his hand against her cheek as he stared down at her, shaking his head vigorously, not wanting to believe it at all.

Blood had coated her lips and she was trembling fiercely as she laid there. Her head turned to the side as he held her in his grasp, and that was when he followed her gaze. That was when he saw it. It was haunting to see it in front of him, but he knew that it wasn't good.

Because the fallen hero that Wanda was looking at, was himself. And that was incredibly dangerous for a Clairvoyant, especially at this moment in time.

If a Clairvoyant was ever to catch a vision that held their own death, they knew that their time was coming to an end. That their powers were going to only grow stronger day by day until they could no longer see the future for anyone around them, or anyone else in the entire world. Clairvoyants had a purpose, and once they lived through theirs, their powers would be stripped away and handed off to the next unsuspecting victim.

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