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CHAOS HAD ERUPTED IN THE AVENGERS COMPOUND. When the word of Mallory Snow waking up from her deepened sleep, the young woman had attacked the first person she saw. And that person was one Grayson Steele. Grayson had been able to subdue the girl for a moments notice before she fled from the room. She had attempted to lock down the room that Mallory was in, but it was futile. Mallory crashed through the metal door with her enhanced strength, before making her way through the base.

Nathaniel was in charge of throwing together the agents in order to create a barricade around Mallory Snow. The fiery redhead had a rage within her that could destroy cities at a time. There was nothing that seemed to be able to keep her at bay. Not Grayson's powers, not Scarlett's, not anyones. Fawn wouldn't have been able to help, either way, it didn't matter that she was in solitude. She wouldn't be able to take down Mallory.

Bucky was the one person to lunge at her, being careful not to harm the girl as he attacked her. Mallory may have been half his size, but she put up a pretty damn good fight. Nathaniel stood a good distance away, behind the barricade of S.H.I.E.L.D agents as they attacked her. Wanda was a few feet away until she broke into a sprint to make her way toward Mallory and Bucky. But when Nathaniel had seen her, he turned and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her to the side.

The enhanced woman stared at Nathaniel for a few seconds, before there was a whistle. They snapped their heads toward a corner to see that Taryn Nichol had entered the room, holding a gun in her hand. Bucky and Mallory both stopped to see what it was that the woman was doing. Taryn glanced at Bucky, before nodding toward Mallory, another whistle leaving her lips as if to entice the young soldier.

A smirk appeared on Mallory's lips as she charged at Taryn, who fired her gun at the young soldier. She fired enough times to catch the soldier off guard before a dart lodged itself in her throat. Just as Mallory stopped in front of Taryn, she collapsed to her knees, staring up at Taryn. The agent known as Nightshade didn't give Mallory any sympathy as she took a syringe out of her back pocket and pierced it into her throat, causing Mallory to let out a gasp.

Taryn glanced up at Bucky and gave him a nod, and the former Winter Soldier approached HYDRA's newest weapon, picking her up off of the floor. Nathaniel inhaled deeply as Taryn began to approach him, glancing over her shoulder at Bucky for a few seconds, before back to Nathaniel.

"We have a problem," Taryn announced and Nathaniel nodded his head knowingly.

"Yeah, we do. Mallory got loose, that's a big problem if we can't hold her--"

"That wasn't the only problem I was going to address," Taryn cut him off and Nathaniel could tell that it was a moment of seriousness. That there was no room for any jokes or sarcasm. Nathaniel narrowed his eyes at Taryn, before glancing over his shoulder at Wanda, then back at Wanda. "Fawn is getting worse. She isn't eating. She won't talk to Helen when she goes in to check on her vitals. Fawn just isn't... responding."

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