Chapter 33

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I was rushed to surgery, nurses were shouting orders and I felt dizzy and tired.

But I forced myself to stay awake. It seemed like forever before I heard a collective sigh of relief. And the nurse told me I was gonna be just fine.

They wheeled my into my room where I was ambushed.

Everyone was worried and making sure I was ok.

Dester stood bouncing and swaying with my baby girl. He looked down at her with such love. It was really cute.

He hands her to me as everyone else leaves, per my request.

"We almost lost you." he tried to make his voice light. But I can see in his eyes that the fear was all to real.

I cupped his face with my hand.

"I know, I'm sorry." he kisses my forehead.

"So, Anastasia huh?" he confirms.

"Yup, but we can call her Ana for short." I tell him.

"Well they are gonna bring her birth certificate her in a little while." he says.

"So this Is it. They're just gonna let us walk out with her.... it's overwhelming.." I say.

"Babe, it'll be ok. I'm here and the baby store guys called and said they set everything up." He informs me.

"Awesome! I don't know about painting now though. I don't want her to breathe in those fumes." I say.

"Agreed." he sighs.

Throughout the day people come and go. Congratulating us and leaving balloons and flowers. Money and more baby stuff.

Before long the doctor said I was free to leave.

"You don't want to keep me overnight? I did have to have emergency surgery." I remind him.

"Usually yes. But you did beautifully so we don't see the need." he says.

He goes to get the papers and a nurse goes to get Anastasia from the nursery while Destery goes to get the car as all the baby stuff from it.

I get dressed slowly, and painfully.

She is my first and last kid.....for now.

Destery helps me dress her in her little footsie pajamas. And we strap her in.

On the way home I sat in the back with her. Checking to make sure she was ok.

"Babe! Relax! She's asleep. She's been asleep since the hospital." he says.

"I know, she's just so tiny. I like watching her." I say.

"I know, she is adorable. We did good babe." he smiles.

When we pull up to the house we get all our stuff out and head up.

"Well, welcome home" I say as we enter our apartment.

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