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WANDA HADN'T LEFT NATHANIEL'S SIDE SINCE THEY RETURNED TO THE AVENGERS HEADQUARTERS. In his time in the hospital ward of the Avengers Headquarters, Nathaniel had nearly flatlined numerous times. It shook Wanda to the core as she stood outside of the operating room, observing closely as he was put under and opened up so they could remove the bullets. That day had been long and stressful enough for Wanda, but she couldn't imagine how Fawn was doing after everything had happened. It made Wanda think back to the aftermath of the Battle of Sokovia. When everyone had thought that both Pietro and Fawn had died.

But now it wasn't the aftermath of Sokovia, it was a mission that had gone horribly wrong. That had left both Wanda and Fawn fractured. Wanda's heart had shattered when she watched her brother die, but Fawn had completely lost herself. The woman was currently in solitary, under close monitorization by Helen and her team. Wanda had tried to visit Fawn for a brief moment, but they wouldn't let her in. Even when she was her only family left.

Wanda had begun to think about the future of Pietro and Fawn's children, Phoenix and Ryder. Pietro was dead, and Fawn was looking at time in solitary until she was mentally prepared to rejoin the world. The Maximoff girl had never seen Fawn so shattered before, but the death of Pietro was what it took to completely destroy her life.

So as she stood in front of Nathaniel's operating room, she had her arms wrapped around herself, and she brought on hand to her face. Cupping the lower portion of her face. Her eyes were focused on Nathaniel as he laid on that bed. Doctors and nurses surrounding him as he was operated on. Her eyes had watered a few times, but she was quick to wipe them away and inhale deeply.

There were moments where she had tried to calm herself down. To keep herself from losing herself as she watched him being operated on.

Love was an emotion that Wanda wasn't completely familiar with. She had believed that she had feelings for the android Vision. But when she had met Nathaniel, it was a completely different game. She saw him and she felt like she would die if he was gone. Even if she knew that she wouldn't die from the loss of someone she loved, but standing there, after losing her brother for the last time, she feared it. She feared that he was going to flatline on that operating table and that he wasn't going to return to her. That she would never feel his warm embrace ever again.

It haunted her.

As she stood there, Grayson Steele and James Roy Stark were speaking at the other end of the hall. Grayson glanced over her shoulder to Wanda, watching as the young woman stood in front of the large observation window. She turned to James and gave him a nod, before approaching her. Wanda didn't glance up as Tony Stark's girlfriend approached her, even when she stood beside her.

Grayson had her arms folded in front of her as she stood beside her, staring inside. The Latina inhaled deeply, before speaking, "He's a fighter, Wanda. He's going to make it through this."

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