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WHEN THE QUINJET LANDED, NATHANIEL DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK. During the entire ride on the quinjet, he couldn't help but glance over at Wanda and begin to contemplate what he was going to do. How was he going to go through with this mission? He had never worried about how he was going to act during a mission. He had never thought he would ever jeopardize a mission when working with someone he cared about more than anything or was worried about losing them. And that was him with Wanda. And he didn't want to have to deal with losing her.

Steve began to go over the mission as they were leaving the quinjet. Nathaniel pushed himself toward the front of the group so he could focus more on what they were supposed to do than what he was feeling. For a second, he did glimpse over his shoulder to look at Wanda, and when he did, he found that she was talking with her brother. And that only made Nathaniel feel even more guilty about his failure as a Clairvoyant.

After everything was said and done, everyone was split up into groups. Nathaniel went off in the group he was supposed to go off into, and he did as he was told. His group made their way over toward the checkpoint, his gun in his hand and ready to attack anyone who was to run out of that building and be labeled as an enemy.

His brows her slightly raised as he followed after Fawn, who had her fingers switched out with claws, her eyes burning blue as she was preparing herself for the fight. He knew what was going through her mind. He knew what she had seen when she had shifted into Tory. The two of them had a plan to take care of the woman if she proved to be harmful to the mission.

Voices began to echo around them, which made the Clairvoyant snap his head around, trying to pinpoint their location. He didn't know where they were, but the instant they heard the sound of rapid gunfire, his entire group snapped around to try and figure out what was happening. Fawn was the first one to glance around the group, before running away.

Clint called out to the shapeshifter, who had dived forward and completely shifted into her wolf form. And it was because of Fawn's sudden jump into action, that threw the rest of the group in to follow her. Nathaniel tried to catch up to her, and suddenly, there was a scream of terror. His eyes widened in fear as he pushed himself to run further and further.

They entered a large opened area, where there were soldiers fighting against the Avengers. Grayson Steele was using her powers of electricity manipulation, and James Roy Stark was using his bow and arrows to his own advantage. Fawn began to tear at various soldiers, making them scream in agony as she dislocated their limbs from their sockets.

Nathaniel continued to search the area, not completely letting his guard down. But as he was doing his best as a soldier, and looking around for Wanda, a total of seven gunshots rang out, and it was enough to make the entire team pause for a collective of five seconds.

The Clairvoyant's life began to move in slow motion as his vision began to play out in front of him. Just like in the vision, his surroundings were painted in smoke and dirt, his feet planted into the ground near Natasha and Clint. As he stood there, another ear piercing scream echoed through the air, as the Clairvoyant stared in front of him.

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