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"The final battle between Lloyd and Garmadon has begun."

I look into the distance. The sun was rising over the never-resting ocean. From here, the island looked so peaceful and calm. But I couldn't help but wonder what was going on in Ninjago right now, if everyone's family's were okay. I know mine was.

Jay was standing by himself, balling his fist and throwing rocks into the ocean. He, like all of us, was still angry that Nya had been taken. But it effected him the most.

I would say Kai was effected the second most, but he handled it differently. He knew Nya was strong and would be okay, but still worried about his younger sister. He sits on the sand, arms over his knees, staring with deep concentration.

Zane was chatting with his father, speaking in hushed tones. Lloyd was speaking with his mother and uncle not to far from them, no doubt discussing the final battle.

Cole was lying against a boulder in front of me, the tide almost reaching his feet. I sat atop the same boulder, my legs hanging down the side of it as I watched the sun and ocean slowly break apart.

Cole reminds me of Percy, in a way. Especially now, as watching the sun over the water was something we used to do.

Cole quietly climbs atop the rock, sitting himself down next to me.

"What's next?" He mumbles. I shrug.

"How have your nightmares been?" He asks. I look at him in surprise.

"You remember those?"

Cole rolls his eyes. "Of course, dumbass. I'm like your best friend." I smile a bit.

"They've improved. They haven't happened in a while, it's more of a rare occurrence now."

"That's good," he says. He purses his lips, as if deciding whether or not to say something.

"Have you come to terms?"

"Oh. I-I don't know. I miss him still," I say, staring off into the ocean again.

"I miss my mom too," he murmurs, tapping his fingers on his knees.

"You never talk about your mother," I say softly.

"She died when I was young. My father and I depended on her, she was sorta like our foundation, in a way. When she...left, I sorta just fell apart. I wasn't who I am today. More, quiet."

"How'd you get better?" I ask quietly.

"Time. Acceptance. Talking with a close friend of mine..." He drawls, smiling slightly. I raise my eyebrows.

"A close friend? How close, would you describe your friendship?"

He laughs. "Her father knew mine. We pretty much grew up together, but I liked her for a long time."

"Well, go on," I say.

"This was supposed to be about getting over grief, not my past romantic endeavors."

"Friend zoned?" I ask.

He sighs. "Yeah. I mean, sometimes she'd lay her head on my shoulder. And sometimes I'd lay my head on her lap and she'd play with my hair. And-" Cole stops himself, turning red with embarrassment.

"Cole Brookestone! You're an idiot!" I say, louder than I meant to. Kai chuckles from afar.

"What'd you mean?" He asks worriedly.

I roll my eyes. "She obviously likes you back! Or liked, considering you never saw her hints!"

"Wait, how do you know?"

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