Beginning of chaos

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Sweat dripped down my forehead as I tried to face this enemy. They think they had me but I just counter attacked them. My mind was in a strategizing mode.
I almost had them if I only-
"Get your ass down stairs before I leave for work this instant or else!" My mom practically yelled at the top of her lungs. She was short for her height but man was she scary. I quickly nodded and scrambled to pack my stuff. My mom had stomped out the door and slammed it on her way out. I put on a white sleeveless shirt with black ripped jeans with white addis on while hopping my way over to my mirror. I looked at it and saw my messy (Hair Color)hair pointed in all directions. I ruffled it and tried to tame it but gave up in the end.
"10 SECONDS." My mom yelled with rage laced in her voice. I opened my door and almost tripped over the stairs. I saw my (Eye color) mom holding my backpack while shaking her head in disappointment. I smiled at her and grabbed my backpack while kissing her cheek.

I almost missed the bus but I mean who hasn't? The ride was slow as I was deciding weather to jump out the window. Don't get me wrong, the school's great but the people inside? Not so much. I wish I could just go to a paradise island where no one could mess with me and I'd have peace and quiet. I arrived at school and rushed to get to my locker. I didn't feel like talking today so after I picked up my stuff and I went to the library. I bumped into someone and I heard them mutter "Watch where you're going fag." My head wipped around so fast that it could've fallen off my head. I said "What did you say?" He smirked and said cockily " I said 'Watch where you're going fag." Hey I might be small but I don't let anyone (except for my mom because she's scary as fuck)walk all over me. I did what any rational person in the situation would do. I punched him. It was square in his face and he went flyin. I started to slowly walk over to him but this kid stepped in between us. I think his name was Peter or something, anyways this pissed me off even more. First of all he was taller than me, second all he was taller than me, third of all he was taller than me! I think I have this thing against tall people because they just reminded me that the entire population was taller than me. Anyways that was off topic so let's get back on track, I was sooo close to punching him to but I stopped for some reason. I mean he was pretty cute and I didn't feel like messing up his face so I started to walked away. I had no idea that there was a crowd and I saw this one dude push through it. I think his name was Flash or something and man was he tall. He was like a fucking skyscraper, and that definitely pissed me off. First of all why wasn't there anyone as tall as me? Even the girls we're taller and It pissed me off even more. I'm sorry but I just really hate tall people. He walked up to me and was about to punch me but I ducked and kicked him in his nono place. His legs wobbled and bucked underneath him. I could see his eyes started to water and I smirked.

I walked away satisfied with myself.

Don't judge me. I'm not cruel. They totally deserved it and they had it coming anyways.

I reached the library and went to the fiction section because who the fuck wants to learn shit? I'm not dumb but I ain't no nerd. I grabbed a book that was called 'Lost in the Sun' and decided to take a quick peek at it. It was funny so i decided to check it out. The librarian smiled at me and said, " I think you could relate to the main character the most." I smiled at her and left the library. I had about a minute to get to my class and had to run to it. I entered and the teacher glared at me as I walked to my seat. I had that Potter-I mean Peter kid in my class and mentally groaned. I didn't even listen to the lecture(as if I didn't even know that shit)and slept. I heard coughing next to me. I mumbled "Cover your mouth cuz it stank." The entire class erupted in laughter and I finally opened my eyes. I looked above me to see my fuming teacher looking down at me. I slowly sat up in my seat and innocently smiled at my teacher. She pointed outside the door and I got up and walked outside. I took my stuff with me cuz ain't nobody gonna steal my shit. I giggled a bit when I was outside the door. The bell rung shortly after and the teacher called me in. She gave me this whole lecture about being young and how I shouldn't disrespect people older than me blah blah blah. When she dismissed me the bell was about to ring. Goddamnit. I had to run to yet ANOTHER class and get glared at. Though I didn't sleep in it. My classes flew by and it was time to go home. I saw that Potter-I mean Peter kid walking to his house. I didn't feel like taking the bus so I decided to walk home. I stopped at a cafe on the way to get some sweets and when I was just about to order, this dude shot at the ceiling. People screamed and ducked but I just stood there rolling my eyes. I heard people praying that Spider-Man would come and laughed.

The gunman looked at me and walked up to me and put the gun next to my head. Spider-Man had come to the rescue! He ushered the people out and said "Put the going down sir"while slowly walking towards him. I rolled my eyes and knew that this wasn't going any where so I took things into my own hands. I punched the gunman in the face and sent him flying. Before he could recover I stepped on his hand. I kicked his gun away from him and walked away in a grumpy mood. Spider dude webbed him to the walled and put his hand on my shoulder. I turned back and he asked "How did you do that?" Honestly I don't know but I just shrugged my shoulders. I went home after and went to sleep immediately.

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