Chapter Six - Running Out

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The village was lively. At such an hour there were still many villagers passing through. This village was larger than the village up on the cliff by Kohmal's home. This town's structure was built by clay.

The buildings were off white now, at one point they were perfectly white. The mining industry had caused the structures to tire some. Windows on the structures lay in squares, or rectangles, differently in place on each structure. Some live in the homes hidden behind the shops, deep within the village. They must have gotten use to the ongoing buzz of the village for there are no movement in those homes.

The streets of the village were soil. The gold specs of the soil stain her boots, along with the sides of the shops walls. Jewels were still being sold, along with herbs from the golden trees and plants at these shops. Some food such as beans, nuts, and seeds were sold. There's some fabric and glassware shops as well as small restaurants. She studied each and every shop, looking for a sign of someplace that sold vehicle or ship parts. There had to be one, especially in a larger village as this one.

As she deepened her way into the village the air became somewhat warmer. Many yellow eyes watch her as she passed. This village may have more villagers but they weren't as diverse as the one on the cliff. More local villagers were here at this hour.

No one starred too long that would alarm her. She continued on her path.

The people and shops become blurred. She had to stop for a few moments before she could start walking again. She was beginning to feel tiresome, so extremely exhausted. She wanted to rest but she couldn't stop. She had to find a way out from this planet. No matter how much her heart pulled for her to stay, it would only cause more pain.

Kormal's vision was beginning to take a full toll on her. Now all she could think about was the pain she'll cause this world. The pain she'll cause to these passing strangers.

She tried her best not to think about her friends. In fact she hardly does because if she allowed herself to go to that place, she would drown of sorrow. She had to push forward, leaving what had happened behind. She must now, be alone.

She might be alone for a long time. She needed to get as far away as possible from this planet. The further away she was, the better chance she could possibly control her destiny. Seers may receive a piece of the future, but perhaps the future could be altered? Perhaps she could prevent it?

In all the whispers she's heard, seers are never wrong. Was that true? She wouldn't know unless Kohmal's vision of her future was complete.

It was hard to be alone on the Acquiescence. The only time she had time to herself was at night in her room. Five hours of sleep a day. That's what they got. The other hours were spent training. Her schedule was always different, each day even. What didn't change was the faces, the passengers whom along with her, trained. That's all they could do, train. She got to know faces, even memorize them.

Watching the faces pass by now, she wondered if these people know about the war. This planet had no touch of pain, no recollection of the war happening outside of it. These people didn't feel the loss they did, of losing their home, families, friends, or freedom as she had.

She passed by a shop that sold old parts, and she almost missed it completely for her thoughts consumed much of her attention. If she was going to find a ship someone in here would know. 

Entering the shop, the smell of oil and smoke fill the air. Some men put rolled paper to their mouths, breathing in the minerals. The flooring was made of clay, but wasn't all smooth. There were bumps, and rigged areas, the flooring ascending lightly upward. All sorts of parts could be found in this shop, from engines, to piping, to wires.

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