*Kiawe's Ending*

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~a few days later~

[Name]'s POV

My back pops as I stretch it out and Mew looks at me from its bed by my Champion throne. "That was the last battle of the day, Mew. We're good to go home," I smile and it floats up and does a few circles around me. "Mewwww!" it exclaims and my eyebrows furrow. "Who's coming?" I ask while looking at the warp panel that leads here. It flashes and Cynthia appears with a faint smirk. "Cynthia!" I grin while standing up and walking over to my friend. "Hello, [Name]," she waves and we exchange a hug. "What are you doing here?" I ask and she chuckles.

"I wanted to know if anything happened between you and Kiawe yet?" she crosses her arms. I blush and look away, chewing on my bottom lip nervously. "I... I haven't told him yet," I state and she sighs. "Come on, [Name]! He likes you and you like him, what are you waiting for?!" she asks and I scratch the nape of my neck. "I, uh... don't know," I mutter and she face-palms. "You are going to Akala and paying him a visit," my friend states and I sweat-drop. "Is that an order?" I ask and she nods. "Yes, now get going," she points to the warp panel.

"Yes, ma'am," I grumble while skulking over to the warp panel that takes you to the entrance of the League. Mew climbs into the bag on my back and I wave to my best friend before stepping on the panel and teleporting to the entrance. I walk outside and page my Charizard, who swoops down from the sky and lands beside me. "I need to go to Wela Volcano in Akala," I tell my Charizard while climbing onto its back. He lets out a roar and flaps his wings, lifting up into the air. He flies through the air and I smile as the wind blows through my hair, and I glance down at the pure blue ocean.

'I can't believe I'm going to confess to Kiawe today' I gulp while losing myself in thought. 'I guess the good thing is knowing that he already likes me' I mentally chuckle and Charizard flies over Akala and up towards the volcano peak. I adjust my bag on my back and Charizard slowly flies down and lands on the rocky ground. "Thanks, Charizard," I state while sliding off him and landing on the ground. Charizard flies off and I walk up the slope of the volcano to its peak. Kiawe and his Marowak's practice one of their traditional dances, and I smile while watching them twirl bones/batons.

They finish their routine and I clap, startling the fiery male. Kiawe spins around and his eyes widen, while a smile spreads across his face. "[Name]! I wasn't expecting you," he grins while picking up a towel and drying off his sweaty torso. I blush seeing his abs and he smirks while laying the towel on his left shoulder and walking over to me. "Not that I don't love seeing you, but what's the occasion?" he asks while looking down at me. "Kiawe..." I start and his eyebrows furrow. "I... I don't know how to put this, but..." I trail off while looking up into his eyes "I like you."

"You like me?" he asks and I nod my head. "Yeah. When we first met a few months ago, something about you just drew me in. I developed feelings for you over time and I should have told you earlier, but I don't like confronting my feelings," I chuckle, rubbing the nape of my neck sheepishly. "[Name]," he smiles and tips my chin up with his index and middle finger, leaning down and connecting his lips to my. I melt into the kiss and he wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me against his chest.

"I like you, too," he smiles against my lips and I open my eyes at the same time as him. "I guess I should thank Cynthia when I see her next," I chuckle, Kiawe raising an eyebrow in confusion. "She's the one who pretty much ordered me to come here and confess. She was sick and tired of neither of us doing anything about our crushes, so being my best friend, she made me come to you," I giggle and he smiles. "I'm glad that you told me. I have a question for you though," he smirks and I cock an eyebrow. "What is your question?" I ask him.

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