Chapter 3 : Yuri's Outcome

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"Don't apologize. I haven't lost interest or anything." I try to reason."Well... I guess it's alright then. But I feel like I should let you know I have this problem... When I let things like books and writing fill my thoughts, I kind of forget to pay attention to other people. So I'm sorry it I say something strange." He looks at me apologetically. 

"And please stop me if I start talking to much!" I look at him."That's- I really don't think you need to worry. That just shows how passionate you are about reading. The least I can do is listen. It's a literature club after all..." I trail off, smiling. He blushes."Ah- that's...Well that's true..." He says. "In fact... I might as well get started reading right?" I say and he looks at me frantically.

"Y-You don't have to!" He says."Ahaha, what are you saying?" I ask. "Just a moment ago you said you were looking forward to it..." I say and he goes silent. "Let me just get the book..." I reach into my backpack and shuffle few things around before grabbing it.

"Alright...It's fine if I sit here, right?" I ask him and I slip into the seat next to his."Ah... Yeah." He says."Are you sure?" Yuri asks."You seem a little apprehensive." I point out.

His face tints pink."That's...Im sorry... It's not that I don't want you to! It's just something I'm not very used to. That is, reading with the company of someone." He explains."I see, well just tell me if I'm distracting you or anything."  I say."A-Alright." He stutters out.

I open the book and start the prologue. I soon understand what Yuri means about reading in company. It's like I can feel his presence over my shoulder as I read. It's not a bad thing. Maybe a bit distracting, but it's kinda comforting. Yuri is in the corner of my eye.

I realize he's not actually looking at his own book. I glance over to him. Location ok like he's reading from my book instead."S-Sorry." He stutters."I was just-!" I think for a moment.

"You really apologize alot, don't you?" I say and he thinks for a moment."I...I do?" He asks."I don't mean to..." He looks away blushing.

"Sorry." He mumbles out."I mean-" he starts, realizing again. I laugh a bit to myself."Here, this should work, right?" I slide my desk against Yuri's then hold my book more between us.

"Ah... I suppose so." He says, looking away from me. He timidly closes his own book.Once we lean in a little, our shoulders are almost touching.

I feel like my left arm is in the way, so instead I use my right hand to hold the book open."Well I guess that makes it kind of difficult to turn the page. Here..." Yuri takes his left arm and holds the left side of the book between her thumb and forefinger.

"Ah..." I say as I do the same with my right arm on the right side of the book. That way I turn a page and Yuri slides his thumb after it flips to his side. But in holding it like this... Were huddled even closer together than before. It's actually kinda distracting...!

It's as if I can feel the warmth of Yuri's face and she's in the corner of my vision."Are you ready?" He asks."Eh?" I say."To turn the page." He says.

"Ah...sorry! I got distracted for a second..." I admit. I glance over her at Yuri's face again and our eyes meet. I don't know how I'll be able to keep up with him...."Ah... That's okay." He reassures me."Your not as used to reading, right?" He asks.

"I don't mode being patient if it takes you a bit longer... It's the least I can do since you've been so patient with me." He smiles."Y-Yeah." I stutter."Thanks." I say as we continue reading Yuri no longer asks me if in ready to turn the page.

Instead I just assume he finishes before me, so I turn it by my own volition. We continue the first chapter in silence. Even so, turning each page feels like an intimate exchange... My thumb gently letting go of the page, letting it flutter over to his side as he catches it under his own thumb.

"Hey, Yuri... This might be a silly thought but, the main character reminds me of you a bit." He looks at me."You think so?" He asks."How does he?" I think."Well, I guess he's blunt in alot of ways... But he also second guesses all of the things he says and does. Like he's afraid he'll do something wrong. It's not like I can see into your head or anything. But he's kinda reminiscent to some of your mannerisms." His face tints pink a bit." I-I see..." He stutters out. He remains silent for a moment."But Y/N, that's probably... a terrible thing to have in common with him." He has a hurt expression on his face."Its so embarrassing you think that." He says, averting his gaze."I didn't mean it in a bad way or anything!" I try to reason.

"Sorry. I really didn't know you were self conscious about that sort of thing..." He goes silent for a moment.

"I guess I meant more that's it's kinda cute..." I say. He smiles nervously."A-Ah... What're you saying all of a sudden...?" I feel my cheeks heat up " I...!" I start then Monika cuts in. "Okay, everyone!" He says, cheerfully.

"...!" Yuri frowns nervously a bit."I think it's about time we share today's poems with eachother. We might not have enough time if we wait to long."Ah..." Yuri sighs, spared from finishing his thought.

"Is that alright Yuri?" Monika asks."You look kind of down. I'm sorry if you haven't been looking forward to this..." Yuri looks at Monika."Ah, Its not... It's fine." He says as he releases hus hand from the book, causing it to close on top of mu thumb.

"Alright... I'll guess I'll do some reading tonight too... Or would you your prefer aI only read it with you?" I ask Yuri."Um...!" He starts thinking."I guess I don't have to mush of a preference..." He says. "Hmm...In that case, Ill read a bit more tonight. It'll be more fun to read with you after it picks up, you know?" I say.

"That's good reasoning, in that case, feel free to finish the first two chapters in your own time." He says and we both smile."Alright." I stand up and make a mental note of where I left off in the book then slip it into my bag.

"By the way, did you remember to write a poem last night?" Monika asks."Y-yeah..." I stutter as my relaxation ends. I can't believe I agreed to do something so embarrassing. I couldn't find much inspiration because this is my first one doing this.

"Well now that everyone's ready, why don't you find someone to share with?" Monika asks, smiling brightly?"

Sayori smiles."Yay!" His is on a crinkled sheet of loose leaf from a Spiral notebook. Monika's is in a composition notebook.

I can already see his pristine writing from where I sit. Natsuki and Yuri also both walk over, holding their poems. I pull mine out of my bag, hoping for the best.

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