Chapter Five - No Need to Stay

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Two of Hatalio's moons lie high in the sky, while another lied low. The temperature rested below zero. She's still dressed in her cloak, and the warm garments she was given. She's been out here a while. No one had come. She didn't expect anyone too.

She wanted it erased.

She wanted this new worry to leave. She should have never allowed for Kohmal to get so close to her. She sensed what Kohmad was, and she was foolish to dismiss it. Dismiss it, ignore it as something else.

After Kohmal said that, those words, everyone looked dismayed. The look that stung the most was from Kohmal's daughters. They weren't scared, they looked paralyzed. Their eyes were laced with panic. She was now labeled in their mind as the girl who will bring suffering to their world.

She had come outside after the long pause of silence that surrounded her in that room. She didn't know what to say, neither did her friends. What could she say, what could they say? Seer's are given the pieces of the future, and her future would hurt Kohmal and her home planet. 

She's seen a seer foretell someone's future. A regulator, a month ago had part of his future told. It was on mistake. He had touched the seer's arm, giving the seer the ability to see into this regulator's future. The seer hadn't acted the way Kohmad did. The regulator's future must have not been partly filled with horror as Ava's did. Yana Zol herself told Ava that regulator would be sentenced away. That the seer the Revive had was powerful, and he didn't just see anyone's future, only the one's of importance. 

Her statement was inane. Those who are in power are not always the one's of great importance.

Whether that piece of future had come true for the regulator, she was unsure. He had disappeared that night, and she never saw him again.  

This was when she was invited to Commander Zaloy's headroom. She wasn't to stand and watch like many other trainee officers were instructed to do. No, she was to attend the event. Neither of her friends were instructed to keep watch or attend. She was alone, amongst those feebleminded, forceful regulators and head officers. 

She mostly scanned the room, watching the way the regulators, and head officer's spoke. That night she didn't have the pleasure of talking to Zaloy. She would have liked too. She would have loved to snap his neck, the moment he was close to her, but there were too many eyes, too many loyal officers to the Revive. 

Zaloy would be replaced immediately, someone far more malice taking his place. 

Although Zaloy contributed to the imprisonment of Earth's human race, forcing them to become officers, there was a higher power she would need to defeat. That was Axel Kane. The leader, King, of the Revive and of the planet Knox.

That night she kept her hands at ease.

She now looked to her hands. These hands, she thought. These hands, her hands, will bring suffering to this world.

Yes, she was trained to become a Revive officer, a highly skilled, dangerous officer. But she never planned on using that on innocent people, on people who have done no harm? Confusion and angst clouded her thoughts. How could part of her future be meant for pain, to inflict it on the innocence of a human race such as the those on Hatalio?

She lifted her head up closing her eyes. Her mother would know what to do. Her mother would tell her exactly what she had to do. Her father would console her, telling her to stay focused. Her parents were very different from one another, her mother fierce, her father serene.

Before their deaths her father had told her one day she would to be on her own, and that she needed to have courage and find stability. She wondered if he was foreshadowing something, that he knew it wouldn't be long until his words came true. For years she had tried to find something, maybe even someone who grounded her, but nothing had worked.

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