Stage Four

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I pinch the bridge of my nose taking off my glasses

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I pinch the bridge of my nose taking off my glasses. It's going on eleven and I'm still here in my office. It's a regular thing sadly when it comes to certain cases.

"Daddy daddy!" Hope came running in with penny behind her shortly.

"I told you to get in bed!" She breathed out obviously frustrated.

"No I wanna stay with daddy."

"To bad he's working let's go!"

"You not my mom." Hope stuck her tongue out.

"What the hell penny?"

"Me!? She's the one running around pass her bedtime. This is your kid I'm not doing this shit anymore I can't I ain't no damn babysitter!" She storms out slamming the door making Hope jump.

"I don't like her daddy."

You see on that date not to long ago she came to me completely different. She told me about her plans of starting a business and getting on her own feet. I thought she had changed I guess all negative thought I had just disappeared. That was about two months ago. We started moving pretty fast relationship wise hence why she's around my daughter. Things don't usually go this way I'm very unisex with myself for nothing being more careful.

Closing my laptop I carry Hope back to her room. "Why aren't you sleeping baby?"

"I wanted you to tuck me and read my little pony. That mean girl said you can't so I was gonna ask but she yelled at me."

After tucking her in tight reading a short story and a kiss to her head in out the door on the look out for penny. She's in my living room on her phone.

"Girl this shit is starting to not be worth it His kid is sooooo annoying. I told him I have plans to do stuff like start a business or something but all I'm really waiting for is the night he takes me to bed and I'm set for life...literally."

Should've known. No one changes in a few days I guess I let my guard down to quick. When her conversation was done with I had already gathered her belongings.

"Penny I need for you to leave."

"What baby why?" Her voice reached a high voltage very annoying.

"I over heard your conversation. If your plan was just to get a monthly check out of me I'm happy to tell you that will not be happening. I'll be sure to let my mother know this did not work out simply because you are looking for something I'm not willing to supply."

She cut her eyes at me. Sitting her things next to her heading for my front door. "Are you serious chase it's dark out and your just gonna kick me out like this!?"

"Please keep your voice down my daughter is sleeping."

"I don't give a damn you cannot just kick me out like this!" She through a pillow from my couch.

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