Secrets pt2??

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(yazz point of view)

Ever since this morning when Clarence ex came over he hasn't been himself he just shut the door in her face and walks in his room and been in there all day so far ,that incident was this morning around 9:00 and now it's going on 4:20 and I wasn't understanding why he was acting like this so I decided to see what was up so I called my god brother august since he a drug lord one of the biggest in New Orleans I knew he could help me.

CONVERSATION /phone call
Y=yazz. A=august.
A: who the fuck is this?‼️

Y: nigga you Betta calm yo self🙄👌🏽

A: oh sorry yazz

Y: mmmhm😒 anyway I need a favor

A: Ight wassuh

Y: so recently I was in a abusive relationship as you already know but he kicks me out and I made a friend he is a rapper and yea he let me stay at his place till I find my own and we like each other but today his ex piped up and he told ha off then he shut the door in ha face and went to his room and been in there all day

A: um.. yazz I understand that but what that got to do with me?

Y: if you let me finish doof 😒anyway I feel like there is something that happened between them that he can't seem to get over o I need you to find out ha address

A:Ight imma text you later to let you know what I found

Y: Ight thx👌🏽

A: that's what  ex-  I mean brothers are fa ain't it

Y:ye Ight bye 👋 luh you❤️

A: Ight luh you too💯

I'm gonna find out what happened between them and why he seem so hurt🤔even if it takes all day

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