Beach House

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Harry's POV

I was waiting for the last class to end and as expected the bell rang.

"No projects or assignments for you people in this break. So enjoy and be safe. See you all after the break." Mr. Langdon announced as I heard few cheers. I gathered all my stuff and walked out of my class like a zombie. This whole week was nerve-wracking and I haven't slept properly. I just wanna go back to the room and spend all the winter in my bed. Lame and boring? I know!

I shivered visibly when the cold air attacked my face making my curls fall all over my face. The break just started and I don't have any place to go, I mean, I have but I don't want to go back to my home.

It's been one month since Zayn asked out Liam and they both are doing pretty well, it's so cute to see them together. Everything was calm and steady and I wonder how? Not that I'm complaining but for me, these few years were not so pleasant and now all of the sudden everything is..... Perfect? I don't know.

I and Louis are actually talking, surprising isn't it? Not lovey-dovey talks but it's so good to talk with him normally, again. The fact I love so damn much is that he hadn't changed a bit. Same Louis, same idiot. My idiot.

I smiled at the thought of me calling him mine as I made my way to the boy's dorm room. I suddenly remembered that Niall asked all of us to gather in Liam and Zayn's dorm room. Oh my Gosh! That means I can't sleep. Fucking great! I would ditch the so-called 'gathering' and sleep but this is Niall who wants to talk so I wouldn't dare to do that.

I was so close to my room but I sighed and turned to the opposite direction and went inside. I closed the door behind and saw the love birds sharing a sweet kiss to each other and Louis awkwardly sitting in the couch all by himself.

Louis' eyes met mine he sighed in relief and smiled a little. I went and sat next to him and rubbed my tired eyes.

"Are you alright? You look so... tired." Louis' voice filled with worry. I gave him a smile.

"I'm okay, Lou. How long this is going on?" I asked him pointing towards Liam and Zayn.

"I don't know, Haz! I came here before fifteen minutes you came and they didn't even see me getting inside. Thank goodness, they didn't take it to the next level." Louis whispered. I let out a small laugh which got the love birds attention.

"Hey, guys." Zayn smiled at us nervously with a blush. Liam waved at us with same flushed cheeks matching with Zayn's.

"Agh! Finally, we are visible to them Harry! I think we disturbed their sweet study session." Louis said in his sarcastic voice.

"Study session?" I asked, trying hard not to laugh.

"Yeah, studying how each other's li-" Louis started but interrupted by Liam.

"Staappp!!" Liam whined and buried his face in Zayn's chest. and Louis awed at them. I'm literally dying because of their cuteness. Bless them!

"Where's that little leprechaun?" I asked as the door opened. Niall came with his cute and cheerful smile on his face and jumped in between Liam and Zayn.

"What you guys are doing there?! C'mere Larry!" Niall demanded. He quite often used the ship name. Louis blushed as I and he went and sat on the bed. It's a complete mess as we all five sat on the bed.

"So Ni, what do you wanna talk about?" Liam asked as he nodded excitedly.

"The break started and what you guys have in your mind? Going back to home? Harry, what about you?" Niall asked. I felt really uncomfortable with this question.

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