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I wish I could turn back the clock so that I'd find you sooner and love you longer. Alas!! it's not possible but still when I think about you a smile plays on my lips. I can still feel your presence around me.

'I love you Sadu Sarna.' Moving towards me, my beloved wife Twinkle looked at me.

'I love you too my siyaapa queen.' I confessed hugging her tight. "Is it necessary to go?" I asked yet again, tightening my hold on her.

"Yea it is. My dad is alone at home and you know he has heart problem. He needs me right now."She caressed my hair ever do lightly.

"But-"Before I could complete she place her finger on my lips.

"shushh..if you utter even a single word I won't be able to leave you alone." She cupped my face with her finger. I didn't want to let her go. Something just didn't felt right

'Please don't go...please.' I pleaded.

"You know I have to go. My dad needs me." She turned around to avoid my eye contact. She knew very well that if she would look into my eyes then she would not be able to go.

'OK go but at least give me a kiss.' I said, back hugging her. I slowly turned her around and lifted her face.

'Firstly leave me and then you will get one.' She bantered with a smile on her lips. I left her waist. She came closer to me. I could feel her breathe. She was about to kiss me but was disturbed by the sound of the horn. She backed off.

'Oh no.' I wailed softly. She smiled looking at me.

'Promise me you will take care of yourself.' She said picking up her bag from the bed.

'Promise.' I whispered yet I knew that I couldn't take care of myself without her but I had to do it for her.

'Promise me you won't cry instead you will smile by remembering me.' She teased me.

'Kunj sarna never cries.' I contradicted quietly.

'Promise.' She grinned.

'Promise.' I whispered.

'Bye.' She said moving towards the door.

'My kiss.' I reminded her.

'Not now.' she said. I sadly looked at the floor.

'My drama king.' She said moving towards me. I smiled. She came closer to me and gave a peck on my cheeks and ran out of the room. 'Unfair.' I shouted.

'Everything is fair in love and war.' she laughed.

An hour later

It had been almost an hour since she left and I had already started missing her.

'How will I be able to live without you for two long days.' Lying on the bed, I looked at her photo kept beside the bed. Should I call her? Nah other else she would start teasing me.

I rolled to the right side of the bed. 'This side fills so empty without you.' I got up and moved towards the arm chair. 'See Twinkle I am sitting on your armchair and you are not here to scold me.' I said looking at her photo. 'I just love you.'

I got up from her arm chair. Sitting on it without her being around was no fun. I missed the sight of her being angry but rather than angry, she always looked adorable.

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