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No one POV

Jasmine looked over at Cyn and smiled "oh no what now?".

"Let's play a boyfriend/girlfriend tag with Them. We can see how well they know us". Cyn shook her head knowing this wouldn't end well. "I don't know Prima".

"Oh come on! It's only a game" jasmine got a piece of paper for Cyn and herself and wrote 15 questions on it. This should be a piece of cake. Both men were in JR's den just discussing boring stuff. Jasmine walked in there "hey, Cyn and I want to play this game with you guys. And you can't say no. So here's a piece of paper for each of you. Write down 15 questions about yourself that we would know the answers to".

Landon looked at JR in question. "I have no idea what's she's up to. But let's just do it so she can leave us alone"

Moments later both men came from inside the den. "Finish now what?". Jasmine grabbed a chair and motioned them to sit down. "Now we don't show each other what question you've written. You will just ask your significant other".

"Anyway Cyn you go first" jasmine said. Cyn looked at her paper "Okay Landon when is my birthday?". He looked at us hoping we would mouth the answer. "Umm..." Cyn watched him closely cause she knew he always gets this wrong.

"Well?" She said.

"Umm... June???... second??" He nervously said. Cyn shook her head "no it's June 4th!. You always get this wrong!". (Hence this is why Cyn is crazy she's a Gemini.. no shade)

"I was close... What's two days away!" Landon defended himself. "Whatever". Landon looked at his piece of paper "Okay baby what's the one thing I do when I first wake up?".

"That's easy... your inbetween my legs" jasmine gasped not expecting that answer. "What? He asked I said it" she shrugged.

"Correct baby! You know me so well" Landon gave her a kiss. Jasmine shook her head "my turn.. okay what's the one place I would go to eat in a heartbeat?".

JR rolled his eyes "ihop that was easy". Jasmine smiled knowing she started with an easy question. "Your turn".

"Jasmine name the one thing I do when I come home from work?".

"Duh, you play with the kids" JR smiled "correct... you know me like a book".

Cyn scanned through her paper "Okay so what's the one thing that pisses me off?". Landon smiled "when I touch your snacks that you hide from me". Cyn nodded "correct I hate when he doesn't ask me if he could eat my snacks".

JR yawned "this is stupid". Jasmine ignored him "what date did we start dating?". He looked at her "October 17th... I know everything". JR looked at his paper "who said I love you first?". Jasmine smiled "you did, Obviously I had you hooked".

Cyn cleared her throat and flipped her hair. "Landon what's the one thing that made me fall in love with you?". Landon smiled "this is easy. How I put you first all the time. And how I show my love for you in many many many ways" he smirked. "Awww que lindo".

"Y'all can't stop being nasty can you?" Jasmine asked.

"I'm a hands on type of guy" Landon smiled. He put his hand on Cyn's thigh giving it a squeeze. "Good job baby".

Jasmine looked at her paper "I'll give you an easy one. What's my middle name?". I don't think jasmine has ever told him her middle name. JR tilted his head to the side "Ava, Jasmine Ava".

"I never told you my middle name... how did you know that?" Jasmine asked. He shifted in his seat "lucky guess... you look like a Ava". Jasmine shrugged it off. Little does she know when they first met JR did a background check on her.

"You know what I'm getting tired of these questions" JR said.

"Hater, we'll ask the questions then" Cyn said. "Alright Landon what's the one place I always wanted to go?". He sighed "Dominican Republic?". She nodded "that's right.. want to find my roots".

Jasmine chimed in "I heard it's beautiful over there we should all go. Or just myself and Cyn".

"Girls trip" Cyn yelled. Landon raised his brow "Umm you are not going out the country without me. I don't need some guy checking out what's mine".

JR hysterically laughed "they think we would let them go alone to another county?. Aw man... too funny".

"Excuse you... not like I need your permission to go anywhere. Last time I checked I'm an adult" jasmine said.

"Last time I checked you're my wife. So you belong to me so I guess you do need my permission. And it's a no for me".

"Anyway before this game gets soured by JR being possessive... anymore questions?" Jasmine asked Cyn.

"Wait hold up? If me and jasmine want to have a girls trip we can have one. You both must not know who I am" Cyn said.

"Oh we know all to well you are. But it still isn't happening. And don't even try and sneak out and do it" JR warned.

"Jasmine why is your husband such a sour puss?" Cyn asked loudly.

"Call me whatever you want. But I'm trying to make sure you both stay safe. Who knows what could happen in that country. And knowing you both a lot can happen".

Landon nodded "he has a point. If anything we will take a trip to Florida or something soon. Like a family group trip".

"Boring!!" Jasmine yelled.

"This is why we can't have game night" Landon mumbled.

"Whatever I'm done with this game" jasmine said. She stormed out of the room. "Great, now the spoiled brat is going to throw a tantrum until I say yes". JR sighed and went back in his den.

Landon was about to get up when he turned to Cyn "don't even think about planning a secret trip to DR with jasmine" Cyn looked offended "me? I'm not the one to worry about". She was right though.

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