Jade dressed casually, not wanting the dinner to seem like a date.

She looked in the mirror, and the first things she -- or anyone else -- noticed was her strange green eyes. Seeing the bright, breath-taking glow, it was clear why her father had chosen the name Jade. Her skin was clear -- her long nose, and full lips giving making her oddly attractive. Her blonde hair curtained her thin face, falling a little more over the left side of her face, stopping an inch below her chin.

A tattoo on the side of her neck said "Letting go" in thin, slanting writing, with a streak of stars above it.

Jade smiled into the mirror, practicing the perfect smile she once had, but it just didn't seem right. She had always been happier, more optimistic mood. Not anymore. 

But for obvious reasons, she couldn't make herself think good about the world. After all, there wasn't a single thing that was right with this world full of monsters, and she knew it better than most people. Jade let the fake smile fade, and, with a sigh, left the apartment.

Brandon led her into a classical restaurant, having ensured earlier that day that it was neither bustling with people, nor romantically secluded. It was exactly as he had wanted it to be; a nice, perfect, formal dinner; one that would keep Jade at ease.

They took their table and ordered from the elaborately named dishes on the menu. Brandon started talking about his recent research project, but he hadn't said more than a few sentences when they were unpleasantly interrupted.

"Jade Locke?"

Both Jade and Brandon looked up to see two girls standing over them. Brandon looked at their familiar faces, but their names escaped him.

"Wow, I can't believe it's you," said the first girl, with cold, blue eyes, and thin lips. "Last time I saw you was when you received that gold medal. Is it true you quit your job? We heard you were sent to an asylum after you -"

She was interrupted by a hard elbow in her side.

"What Ginny means," said the other girl pointedly glaring at her friend. "It's nice to see you out and about again, Jade. It's been so long. We heard you were having an impressive career."

"Not anymore though, right?" Ginny said giggled and Brandon looked like he wanted to punch her.

He looked at Jade whose face revealed no emotion whatsoever. She had learned a peaceful habit of ignoring bullshit quite well.

"Excuse us, ladies," he cleared his throat, keeping his voice cool but firm. "But we're trying to have dinner here. Alone, if you don't mind."

"Brandon Galwin?" Ginny folded her arms and let out a laugh. "Never thought of you as the kind who'd be okay being a rebound guy. Isn't this unethical? Dating your patient? I heard people saying you've turned gay. Is it true? You're never seen with girls anymore. When did you last have a proper girlfriend?"

"Ginny!" the other girl protested, but Brandon was already at his feet.

His fists were clenched and jaw set. He wasn't the kind of man who was easily set off. But there were some things even the strongest couldn't ignore, and this girl Ginny fell into that category.

Ginny stood there smirking, but her friend looked both shocked, and embarrassed. Jade suddenly smiled and cleared her throat, so that all three pairs of eyes spun towards her.

"How about you, Ginny?" she asked, her tone polite. "If I'm not mistaken, your proper boyfriend got married last month. I personally received an invite. I didn't see your name on the card though. It was someone named...Margret? Isn't that the girl you once said would never have a boy actually liking her? Ironic how your boyfriend married her instead of you, isn't it?"

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