I came out of the choir room carrying my books and other crap. The sun was beating down on my skin like a million flames as I walked across the Arrowhead High School campus in Tucson, Arizona. It was just the beginning of my junior year at this school, around mid October.

As I walked out of class, I saw my best friend, Zander walking toward me. "Hey you," I said to him.

Zander has brown hair and hazel eyes with a ring of gold around the center. He's like 5'10, just 3 inches taller than me, but it still feels like he towers over me, (probably because he's a guy). I have known him since 2nd grade and we have just been friends ever since. We have been through everything together from 2nd grade till now. He will always be my best friend and I don't want to lose him no matter what. He's the brother I never had.

"Hey Rikku," he responded as he took my books from my arms. "How did it go?"

He was referring to my solo audition in class today. "It was good. I was a little nervous, even after 3 years," I told him as we walked to the school parking lot together.

"I doubt those will go away," he said and then smiled. "Well did you get the part at least?" he asked anxiously.

I looked down at the ground as I walked. "Well. . . ." I said with my face turned down. It looked like he was going to apologize for me not getting it, but I perked up and playfully punched him in the arm. "Of course I did silly. I have gotten it all 3 years so far. Do you think he wouldn't give it to me now?"

"Well I don't know! You worried me there for a second," Zander said relieved.

"It's not my fault you take things for granted like that."

It looked like he was going to make a smart-ass comment, but he thought better of it and opened the passenger seat door of his dark blue mustang. "Get in Rikku, I'll take you home."

"But what about my car?" I said staring at my black and silver Camaro.

He sighed. "It'll be here tomorrow. Promise."

"Ok...." I said as I got into his car. "But if it gets stolen I'm making you buy me a new one."

He smiled at me and walked around to the other side of his car then got into the driver side. As he started the car to go home, I talked to him about anything and everything. How school was, how his family was doing, stuff like that.

When we got to my house it was empty as usual. My dad left us when I was a baby and my other died in a car crash a few years ago. Since then I have just lived here by myself. It's not really that bad once you get used to the fact that you are on your own and you start to make your own routine. While Zander was staring at the house he said, "I worry about you being here by yourself..."

"It's fine, trust me."

"Ok..." he was still staring at the house. After a second or two, he got out of the car and I followed.

As I was walking up the steps to the door I noticed something in the window. It was a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. It looked nothing like my black and blue hair and blue eyes, except the eyes of course, which looked exactly like mine. She looked familiar but I don't know where I could have seen her before. I blinked hard, and the next thing I knew she was gone. Wow, I thought, that was weird. "You coming Rikku?" Zander asked, pulling me out of my thoughts as I stared at the now empty window.

I shook my head clear of what just happened. "Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm coming." I took one last look at the window and unlocked the door. As I passed through the doorway a shiver escape down my spine and I shuddered. "Did you feel that?"

He looked confused. "Feel what?"


"You sure you're ok? You seem kind of distracted lately...." He said slightly worried.

"I'm fine. And before you ask if I'm sure, yes I am."

He grabbed my wrists lightly and bent down so he could look me seriously in the eye. "You are definitely sure? You would tell me if you weren't right?"

"Yes I'm sure and yes I would tell you," I said. Sometimes I wish he wouldn't care so much, but I'm glad he does.

He didn't say anything more, but he hugged me instead. After a minute, he let go and said, "You're like my sister Rikku. I don't want anything to happen to you,"

"I know, me too," I said as I hugged him again.

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