Chapter 7

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-Dave P.O.V-

You decide to visit Karkat after school, you're sure he's not gonna mind. You knock on the door and his brother answers.

"Sup?" He clearly doesn't trust you.

"If you hurt him in any way, I swear I will hunt you done and murder you in cold blood." You're sure he's just joking around, hopefully. That glare he's giving you sorta reminds you of Bro.

"C-cool." You enter the house and rush to Karkat's room. "Your brother's crazy!"

"Everyone's crazy Dave, most people just try to hide it." It looks like he was in the middle of watch a movie, so you cuddle up to him. You have no idea what's going on, but it seems like a cool movie. You ask him what the hell's going on in this, one minute their making out, the next their trying to kill each other. "I can rewind the movie, you know."

"You don't have to." He rewinds it.

"I refuse to deal with your stupid questions." You look around at all the books he has, it's more than you'll ever have, cause Dirk likes tearing them up. As you watch the movie, it slowly just becomes cliche garbage, it's about to rival gang members falling in love, the gangs find out and their separated, but they meet again as one of them is dying. Dumb garbage like that.

"This movie sucks."

"Shut up Strider."

Before you head home you stop at a little corner store, you quickly grab some things of instant ramen and shove them in your hoodie pocket, this should last at least a few days. As soon as you leave the store you start running home. You enter and Dirk grabs you and growls.

"I went to pick up some food. I gotta eat too, ya know." You rub his cheek, it always seems to calm him down.

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