Part 147*

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Pushkar, along with the whole family were still pacing around the hospital, eagerly waiting for the doctor to come out and give them the good news they had been waiting for, for about 9 months now.

After another hour's worth of waiting, the light on the operation theater finally flickered off and the Doctor along with the nurse came outside.

Pushkar: DOCTOR!! (rushing up to him)

Kamini: DOCTOR!! What happened?!! (worried)

Pushkar: Doctor say something!?! (freaking out)

Shravan: Chote, if you shut up and listen, maybe he will be able to tell us something! (calming him down)

Pushkar: (guilty) Sorry. Um...what happened?

Doctor: (smiling) Congratulations Mr. Pushkar! You've become the father to two beautiful girls.

Pushkar: (confused) Two? But Preeti is my wife right?

Sumo: (slapping his chest) You idiot! He means TWINS!!!!

Shravan: (shocked) TWINS!!!!



Everyone in the family started freaking out and the women had tears in their eyes.

Doctor: (smiling) Go and see for yourself! (smiling) Both of the girls are doing very good and the mother is also healthy. You guys and go in and meet your two new princesses now!

Everyone rushes into the room to find Preeti resting on the bed with two little cradles on the side. Inside are two precious little baby girls, fast asleep. Pushkar quickly rushed to Preeti's side, kissing her forever.

Pushkar: (in tears) Preeti.

Preeti: (in tears) Pushkar.

Pushkar: (kissing her head) Twins. My Pretty Preeti gave me twins?

Preeti: Our twins girls Pushkar! Can you believe it? We have two little angels now?

Pushkar: P love you so freaking much Preeti. (kissing her a couple of times)

Sumo: Yeah yeah, we all know how much you love my Pretty Preeti, how move aside. Masi is going to spend some time with her princesses.

Shravan: (grinning) Yup, and Babe Papa wants to see his angels too!

Pushkar: No! No! No! My girls are coming to me first!

Pushkar carefully takes one of the girls in his hands and kisses her head. Preeti takes the other girl and they both smile at each other, leaning their forehead together while the twins slept peacefully in their arms.

Pushkar: We make beautiful babies don't we? (grinning)

Varun: Yeah. I have to admit. Less then a year of your wedding and you've already gotten two babies into the family. At this rate, we'll have a house full of Pushkar and Preeti's children. (laughing)

Preeti: (blushing) Suman Di, you are the Masi so you get to choose the name.

Sumo: Oh come of my Pretty Preeti, all of that is old fashioned. You and Pushkar choose what you want to name your precious little angels.

Pushkar: Come on Sumo. This wedding would never have been possible without you in the first place. You are the reason me and my Preeti are together and we want you to name our girls.

Shravan: What about me?! I helped plan the wedding too!

PushKar: Yeah but no one cares about you Bhaiya! Sumo is way better! Now tell us Sumo, what shall we call out angels?

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