know what weapons you need

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when i loot a big house and find a few weapons, i always sort them out depending on colour and the gun type. sometimes i take the common guns and just switch them when i get the chance because one rubbish gun is better than nothing. i've actually found out myself that the legendary scar isn't good in close range so i've decided to stop using it, but others are different. i've also said this before but double pumps are really good. i don't really use the tactical shotgun, i prefer the pump. but like i've said before, everyone is different. just remember that if you're ever in a house and all the guns you've got there is a pistol with some ammo, take it because someone might pop up round the corner and you wanna kill them pretty quick, but if you can't that's alright.
also, thanks so much for 242 reads,  this book has blown up. thanks guys 💝

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