A/N 0_0?!

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Hello my kawaii Potato's!!!

↑↑That's an image of me of above!! ↑↑

I know... I'm kawaii but its a curse cause every time I try to act all tough... People never gets scared of me because of my cuteness!!!

*falls on knees while fisting at the air* CURSE YOU CUTENESS!!! >∆<


Here I have for you a drawing that I made on my free time while I was at my aunt's house.

Of 1 to 10 how much you'll give it?

Tsubaki: ne, angkey that's a very interesting drawing you made of me!

Me: *blushes* aw thanks foxy! >w<

Kuro: what a pain, I could die -_-

Me: =^= Kuro you think my drawing's horrible? ;-;

Kuro: n-no! I didn't mean it that way!!

Tsubaki: ne, brother, you made angle cry

Kuro: *groan* what a pain... Sorry author I didn't mean it. *hugs me*

Me: *bluses and smiles* I'm happy!! XD

Kuro and Tsubaki: *sweat drop* °^°'

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