Diners, Drive-Ins, & Thighs

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His mind raced trying to form an acceptable response. What do I say to the Lindsey Buckingham? Guy finally took Lindsey's hand into his, squeezing the fingers that made it all happen. 

"It's, uh- I am hon- honored. It is so great - wonderful - great to meet you, too. Finally." the host let out a nervous chuckle, astonished by how flustered he had become. Lindsey pulled on Guy's fist, locking him in an embrace thus completing the bro-shake. Patting him on the back, the rockstar put his lips near the other man's ear.

"You're cute when you fumble like that," Lindsey whispered. A devilish grin spread across his face as he pulled back and saw the look on the TV icon's demeanor. "I'll see you later, stud."

"Holy supreme taco," Fieri muttered to himself. Did that really just happen? 

Guy struggled to pull through the rest of filming. He was anything but calm, going over each word and movement that had been exchanged between him and Lindsey. By the time they wrapped up the last shot the sun had begun setting, painting a beautiful scene surrounding Fleetwood's.

Mick had the restaurant shut down for the evening so after the last customers cleared out, the folks Mick invited, Guy, and the crew could party on the rooftop and get a taste of Maui life. 

The booze and conversation were flowing. Guy was in an intense argument with a native on the proper way to dip and eat a wing when, like a dream, Lindsey reappeared as the music swelled behind him, the pink and orange light hitting his forehead creating a shine that made Fieri's heart flutter. As he passed him, he got a whiff of his body odor. What is that? That scent... it reminds me of--  could it be?

Intrigued, Guy followed Lindsey to the open bar, leaning in as close as possible to try and identify the erotic smell coming from the man. He inhaled deeply, sniffing in as much of him as possible. 

"MMM," he moaned. "Delicious."

"Yes, I am." 

Oh, shit! Guy thought as he realized he was thinking out loud.

"I'm sorry. I was just trying to identify that smell. Is that-- ?"

"Yes, it is." Lindsey turned towards him, face in close proximity to Guy's. He reached out to brush his hand, half-whispering his response. "Chipotle Ranch."

Guy swore he could cum right on the spot. Chipotle Ranch was his favorite, he could practically taste it on his tongue.

"Hey, let's take this somewhere more... private." Lindsey slipped a key card into Guy's back pocket, his hand lingering on the other man's ass. "I'm staying at the Montage. See ya soon, buddy." 

Guy shivered, watching Lindsey's bottom wiggle as he walked away, grabbing a cold beer before he walked downstairs.

"Cheesy Garlic Bread and Spicy Marinara, what is going on?" 

He only knew the world of Food Network, how could a simple man like him attract a guitarist like that? The one thing he did know for sure was that whatever happened next would change his life forever.

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