Broken Heart

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Ever had a crush on someone? I've been crushing on my best friend since forever, and today I will take the risk and tell him how I feel.

"Mia Christina Salvatore, get your ass down or you will be late for school" Mom yelled.

I made my way down to the living room where she was. "Must you yell every morning?"I asked her.

"Since your lazy ass doesn't get up with the alarm, I have to use my voice." She said.

"Can't wait for high school to be done." I said rolling my eyes.

"Hurry up before you're late."

"Bye birth giver, see you after hell."
I waved goodbye and she chuckled.


I finally arrived at school. Only problem, I was late. Time to face the music. I made my way to the classroom and did I mentioned I have the worst teacher.

"Late again Miss Salvatore." He was taking attendance.

"Funny story, you see I have a five year old brother and he decided that it would be fun to change my alarm, so go blame him." I said acting normal.

It wasn't a total lie. I do have a five year old brother who loves to play pranks on everyone, and he did changed my alarm one time.

He sighed "go take a seat and don't be late again, is that clear."

"Loud and clear sir." I grinned

I made my way to my desk and there he was. Nick Smith, he had beautiful green emerald eyes, brown hair and a killer body. I've liked him since we were thirteen, he is one of my best friends. And today i finally have the courage to tell him how I feel. I just hope everything goes well.

"Hey grumpy." He said smiling.

"Hey Nick, how was the party last night?"

"You know, the usual, i did get a hot girl's number."he said smirking.

Maybe telling him how I felt wasn't a good idea. I've seen him with lots of girls, reasons why I stopped going to party's with him. It hurt to see him, but I figure maybe he needs to know how I feel, then maybe just maybe, he would feel the same. Like my dad says, you will never know unless you try.

"Hey, do you think we can talk after school?" I asked him nervously.

"Everything okay?" He asked me with a concerned look.

I feel like my heart is about to pop out of my chest, this is so hard.

"Yeah, just want to talk about something." I said trying to keep my calm.


After all classes I made my way to the school garden and waited for him. After 10 minutes he finally arrived.

"So what do you want to talk about?"

"I wanted to tell you this last year, but i was to chicken, now i finally have the courage to say it."

"Which is." He said raising an eyebrow.

"I like you Nick."

"I like you too, you are one of my best friends." He said smiling.

"I like you as more than friends, ever since we were thirteen I started developing a crush on you." I said nervously.

He just stood there in shock.

"Say something." I said to him.

"Mia, i'm sorry. But I only see you as a best friend, you are like a sister to me."

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