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Yuri skipped school the next two days. He then got a text from Yuuri saying something urgent came up and they were going to have to stay another week and he was really really sorry.

Yuri sighed burying his head in his pillow. He had to go to school today he had no choice. After missing three days they notified your parents. Yuri got on the bus ignoring the stares and whispers that he couldn't understand.

He went to trigonometry and sat in his normal seat head down. Pyotr tapped him and when Yuri looked up he looked annoyed, "I've been trying to get your attention. Is what they're saying true?"

"What do you mean? What are they saying?"

"They're saying you slept with one of Lucian's friends. He's been bragging about how easy it was to get you in bed."

Yuri frowned not sure he read his friend's lips right, "I'm sorry, did I read that right?"

Pyotr gave him a skeptical look and Yuri sighed, "No, I didn't. He tried to rape me actually. I pushed him away but ended up falling in the pool. That's why I can't hear you today. It broke my receiver."

"Cant you get a new one?"

Yuri shook his head, "They're expensive and I don't want my guardian to have to pay for another one since I let my first one get stolen. They're not home right now so I don't have to tell them yet."

"That's not right. Just... Ignore what people say to you ok? The rumors aren't very nice. I'll spread the word he's lying but it'll take time." Pyotr turned around facing forward and Yuri assumed the bell had rung. The class went by slowly and Yuri packed up after class each class seemed to take forever until a frustrated history teacher told him to go to the special needs office since he couldn't hear anything. Yuri walked very slowly and very slowly opened the door.

"Yuri!" Otabek's mouth moved me he hugged his boyfriend before pulling away frowning, where's your implant?

Yuri brought his hand to his forehead and pulled it away into a loose fist signing, forgot it

I'll go home and get it for you.

No! It's fine.

Yuri you can't go all day without it. You've already been sent here and you haven't even gone to lunch yet.

I don't need it today, it's fine.

It's like a ten minute walk. I can be back in that amount of time if I run.

No, it wouldn't help anyway.

What do you mean?

I fell in the pool with it on yesterday.

Realization dawned on Otabek's face, You have to tell Yuuri.

No! I will pay for a new one after this coming competition. You get money if you win right?

Isn't Victor in it too? And Yuuri? You only get money if you get first or second. What if you lose?

I'll be fine. Just please don't tell them. He really didn't need the stress of feeling like he needed to pay them back more than he already did. Otabek frowned and nodded slightly. Not a yes but more of a we'll see.

Do you need a translator?

Yuri hesitates then nodded yes.

Otabek bit his lip then turned and talked to a woman in the room conversing with her quietly. He nodded and dissappeared into another room. He returned with a young woman a little shorter than him but taller than Yuri.

Hello, she signed, I'm going to help you today. I'm M-i-r-a-i, Mirai.

Yuri exchanged a look with otabek and rolled his eyes, thanks, I guess. He tried not to smile at the look of annoyance that passed over Otabek's face.

They went back to his class and for once Yuri understood his history teacher. He took notes glancing quickly between what he was writing and the translator. It ended quickly and Pyotr walked up to him smiling.

"I think this is the first time you've actually understood what she was saying. It was funny watching how you change," Pyotr said Mirai quickly moving her hands to translate.

You don't have to translate, I can read lips, it's hard with teachers though.

Mirai nodded, I will meet you in your next class after lunch then. She left and Pyotr raised an eyebrow. Yuri shrugged and walked to his locker unable to walk and talk. They walked quietly to lunch people stared at Yuri when he walked in. He got lips forming words like sl*t and the like. Yuri's face burned and he sat down.

Pyotr tapped him, "Ignore them, I've started spreading the word of what happened so it's likely he's getting the same things. Girls won't go around him alone anymore. I've already seen it."

Yuri shrugged, "Like it bothers me."

"Liar, I saw you turn red."

Yuri shrugged, "What are we doing in Japanese today?"

"A worksheet. She said we need to work on how we write it so we're just writing different sentences. Someone's calling you," Pyotr pointed and Yuri turned around.

An adult was looking straight at him lips moving. Yuri rolled his eyes and walked over. The adult turned and walked away Yuri sighed hesitating a moment before following them to the office.

Victor was waiting for him and yuri's gave contorted in confusion, what are you doing here? I thought you're supposed to be in Japan. Where's Yuuri?

Victor smiled. He looked exhausted and signed back, He's still in Japan. I've come to get you so we can go there. You have enough time to pack, but you need to hurry.

Victor quickly turned and walked to the car Yuri barely keeping up with the man's long strides. Yuri was confused taking running steps and and getting in the car where Victor quickly tore out the parking lot.

Yuri very barely kept himself from asking what was going on. He wouldn't be able to hear the reply anyway. Victor rushed him inside and up to his room. Yuri quickly threw things in his bag packing and ran down stairs, "Tell me what's going on."

We have to go. Where's your receiver? You'll need it.

Why? Where are we going?

Quickly! We don't have time!

Yuri bit his lip. He'd never seen Victor in such a rush and so stressed looking, i can't find it. I forgot where I put it.

Victor frowned and just rushed him to car muttering things Yuri couldn't hear. They got to the airport and Victor all but dragged him through lime after line before they both sat on a plane heading for Japan.

What's happening? Tell me now. Yuri demanded frowning.

Yuuri's mom is dying. Now please stop asking and be quiet.

Yuri stared at him in shock, he ok?

No he's not ok! Would you be ok?

Yuri pursed his lips, I think we both know the answer to that question and I don't think it's the same of how Yuuri feels.

Victor sighed and put ear buds in closing his eyes, nervous energy running off him in waves. Yuri frowned and sat back in his seat wishing he'd brought a book for the twelve hour flight. Instead he only got to think about how messed up fate was to leave his parents alive and Yuuri's mom dying.

Quick note, for those of you who don't understand how you can have ! In sing language you just make your motions sharper and more angry looking. Deaf people are all about facial expressions. :)

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