Alfie picked up the house phone which was ringing in it's usual tone on the bookshelf.

"Hello, who's calling?"

"Hello Alfie! It's your Aunt here!" He creased his eyebrows, puzzled. His Aunt hadn't contacted him or his family for years, since they'd moved to Australia. Once, he was quite good friends with his cousin, but now? He'd hardly recognise her face.

"Oh hey! How are you?'

"Oh, I'm fine thank you! Your mother told me you had a spare room in the apartment?' She questioned. He moved into the kitchen, separate from the others who were gaming in the lounge.

"Uh.. Yes," he trailed off, confused. "Why?'

"Well, your cousin's coming to England for college and I was wondering if she could stay with you?"

"Oh, yeah course! When's she coming?"

"Tomorrow." He stood back in shock.

"Wow. Talk about short notice!"

"Yes, Sorry about that. It would really mean a lot to us though."

"Of course! I'll get the room ready!"

"Thank you! I'm sure she'll be very grateful! We all are!" She chuckled, a smile appearing on her face.

"No problem, Bye." He put the phone back on its stand and resumed his place on the sofa.

"What was that about?" Zoe said, coming back from the bathroom.

"My cousin's coming to stay." He said bluntly. He still wasn't quite sure what her agreed to.

"You have a cousin?" Caspar yelled from the opposite sofa.

"Yeah! She's called Lola." He called back.

"Ooh! She's a girl! Maybe we can hook up!" Alfie gave Caspar a stern look.

"No. She's staying for college, that's all."

"When's she coming?" Zoe asked, seeming quite enthusiastic about the whole event.


"Tomorrow? We better get the room ready!" She squealed, clapping her hands excitedly.

"We?" He questioned.

"Yes! You need some girly influence." They both walked to the room and began to change the bed sheets.

"Do you have anything purple?" He shook his head. "White?" He took the white duvet cover from the cupboard.

"Is the bathroom clean?" Once again, he shook his head. "Go on then!" She shooed him off.

Zoe took the mirror from a cardboard box and placed it on the desk. Then, she ruffled the curtains and straightened the bed sheets. "All done!" She smiled at herself proudly and walked back to the lounge where her friends were sitting.

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