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Okay okay so this book has 11k. . . What even?!

Thank you guys for the support! I didn't think I'd get anywhere with these books so thank you :)

I have four of these books, actually. I have Gerard Way memez, Green Day (this current book), Tøp, and P!atd. This book is my most popular and the second published.

I would greatly appreciate it if you took a look at the other three books if you have not already.

Please vote and comment on this book (and please the other three). It would mean a lot to me and if you spam I will give you a shoutout on the book you spam! I know I'm not popular and not that important but I appreciate support and appreciate the people supporting. Shoutouts is all I can think of as a thank you.

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- Taped_Up
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- ashleypurdy666
- xicetheticx
- arren_james


Update— This book is ranked #45 in greenday tags?? I'm ?? Tysm.. 22k reads and 1k votes oml you guys are gr8 <33

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