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(clarence point of view)

Listen yazz there's something that I've been meaningI  to tell you for a while now

Yazz:what is it

Clarence : To be completely honest I think I'm falling in love with you...

Yazz: Clarence I'm falling for you too I  just didn't want to say anything because I didn't know if u were into someone like me

Clarence : Who wouldn't like you you're careful, loyal, gorgeous, smart, and most of all elegant😏


(All of a sudden knock on the door 🚪)

(Yazz point of view)

Yazz: who could that be?😕

Clarence :idk....ummm.... you wanna get it?😬

Yazz: yea sure I'll get it 🤨

(Yazz opens the door)

Yazz: who are you?😕

Kylie: Clarence ex 🤬

Yazz: ummm Clarence yo past is here😭

Clarence : KYLIE what do you want? Why are you here? I honestly need a restraining order on you

Kylie: clarence I miss you😏😭 and I didn't know how to get to you so I reached out to somebody that knew you and gave me your address

Clarence : Well Kylie I don't think u noticed it but I'm with yazz and I'm in love with her and if I wasn't I wouldn't give you another chance anyway you crazy and you know what I am talking about


Clarence : Baby I'm home 🏡!

Kylie: Ooouuu😋🤤 Ladon don't stop

Clarence :(Speechless)🤬🤨

(Clarence bursts into the room)

Clarence : KYLIE what are you doing

Kylie:  Omg 😲 clarence I am so sorry baby

Clarence : Get off of me Kylie and leave my house

(End of flashback)

Kylie: clar.....

(Door closes)

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