Chapter 27

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Arriving at the house, Aylin jumped out of the car, as much as her injured hands would allow her. Hearing voices calling out to her, she ignored them and ran inside the house. Bolting up to her room, and slamming the door, heavy footsteps followed. 

Sliding down the door, her body crumpled onto the floor. 'It's over, Kaia.'

'No! Mate loves us!'

'Weren't you paying attention?!  A demon wants me, and I may be part demon! There is no way that a werewolf king will want someone like me! I told you, I'm no good!' 

Blocking Kaia out of her mind, a pounding on the door jolted her. Judging by how hard the banging was becoming, she knew it was Ezekiel, but couldn't bring herself to open the door.  Everything that happened that day came flooding into her mind. Seeing the demon in the cell, and having her whole world crash around her came flooding back. 

"Aylin! Open the door!" Ezekiel bellowed from the hallway. 

Pressing his forehead to the door, he wondered what she was doing. He was afraid that she would do something hasty in light of what the demon told her. Though, he wasn't sure of it was truth. 

In the moment, Ezekiel knew he was going to have to be soft on Aylin if he wanted to get anywhere with her. "Please, baby, open the door. I'm not angry"  

As she sat against the door, she was still afraid of the consequences.  Gathering what courage was left, Aylin opened the door as best she could. Head down, the only thing in sight were her mates biker boots.   No words were exchanged for a brief moment.   

"Aylin, babygirl, look at me." Ezekiel's voice cut through the silence. Squeezing her eyes shut, and turning away, Aylin couldn't bear look at her mate. Large fingers turned her head back towards him. Gazing up, the soft expression on Ezekiel's face made Aylin's heart flutter. "What happened today wasn't your fault. I'm not angry at you, I swear. Talk to me, tell me what's on your mind."     

No words left her mouth, the only thing that escaped were tears sliding down her cheeks. Pressing herself against him, large arms wrapped around the small woman's form. The warmth that emanated between them gave Aylin a sense of hope.  Still unable to look at her mate, she buried herself further into his chest. Fingers raked through her hair, sending an immediate chill down her spine. 

"Please look at me, Ay." The begging tone in Ezekiel's voice prompted her to look up at him. Worry plastered across his features, she couldn't help but feel guilty. "Whatever is going on, we'll figure it out. Together." 

"That demon was lying. My mother is dead-" 

"Relax, love. No one is disputing that-"

"Then what was that demon talking about?"

"Demons are known to tell lies to save their own skin. We can't take anything he says at face value until there is actual evidence in front of us." Nodding, she wiped her eyes, consumed with feelings uncertainty. "Come on, let's get some food in you." 

When Ezekiel started to walk, Aylin was stuck in place. The desire to be seen by the others was so low, that it made her head hurt. "I'm not hungry," she whispered.

"Sweetheart, you need to eat something. It's not good for you to starve yourself-"

"Zeke, please," she begged.

Sighing in resignation, Ezekiel tried a different tactic. "Don't you remember the promise you made me?" Thinking for a moment, Aylin's cheeks instantly flushed, their proximity flustering her. "You have to get strong, for me." Bringing his arm around her back, his other hand found it's way to her cheek, gently caressing her soft skin. Dipping his head down, his gentle breath made Aylin's entire body shudder. 

"You play dirty." Her hands were grasping onto Ezekiel's shirt for dear life, as though, if she let go, he would disappear forever. "Fine, you win this one." 

Hand in hand, they entered the kitchen, not a soul in sight. Peering around, the mess that the house started in was no more. "What happened? Who cleaned up the house?" 

"Believe it or not, the warriors in my pack are quite adept at cleaning. Plus, they got all the large pieces out too. Morris should really pay for all of it though." 

Gazing at Ezekiel's lip, the split was almost healed already. She recalled the state of his face when he exited the pack house. If he had those minor injuries, she shuddered to think of what Daemon's face looked like. "You know, it wasn't necessary to beat him up-"

"He disrespected you-" 

"It's just a house, Zeke." 

Pausing in front of the refrigerator, the sight of Ezekiel's tensed hands on the door handles made Aylin flinch. Regaining himself, he reached in, pulling out an onion, along with a green pepper. Opening the freezer, he pulled out some ground turkey meat. Laying everything on the counter, he had a serious look on his face. "That's not the point. The point is-" 

"He trashed the house before I became your mate. You can't use that argument!" 

"He still disrespected you! Any disrespect towards you is a direct disrespect to me!" Hopping off the stool, she stood next to her angry mate, fists clenched on the counter. "You're my queen, and my mate. And I think you forget it's my duty to protect you."

Slipping under his arm, she came face to face with the king. Taking his face in her hands, the stubble tickled. "I'm your Queen, it's also my duty to protect the king. Don't think it's all up to you." 

Pressing his forehead to hers, he let out a sigh. "Until this demon nonsense is figured out, we can't be apart."

"Should I look over the file Daemon gave us?" A low growl left her mate. "Oh, stop it." 

Softening at her touch, he nodded against her. "First we eat." 

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