Chapter One - Where We're Going

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In her dream, she's being hunted.

The vacant halls of the spaceship are quiet but she knows she isn't alone. Someone pursues her. She feels their breath but won't dare look behind. That would only slow her down. Heart beating, heavy breathing, she knows she cannot run forever. She must hide.

She sees an entrance to the ship's space pods. This is it, her way out. Approaching the sphere, she presses the button to expose the emptiness inside.

She hears footsteps behind her, but it's too late to launch. She is already being grabbed.

Thrusting her elbow backwards, she aims for their gut, succeeding. Clenching her hands, forming fists, she reacts fast, but, before her fist can reach their throat their strong hand wraps around her wrist. Their other hand grabs her waist, flipping her in the air onto the cold hard surface of the floor. She tries to stand up, but is jolted back and slammed on the floor once more. This time, she feels something break, and the hands of her attacker grip the back of her clothing, dragging her somewhere unknown.

As she's dragged down the hallway, she looks for anything to grab and attack them. There's nothing, so she must use all her strength to do what she has to do next. She digs her nails into their wrist, lifts her legs in the air, swings her body around, and kicks the heel of her boots into their face. He stumbles back, falling into the wall. Her attacker is a man, his hair, bright as the sun, glows in the now lit hallway. She takes this moment of freedom to run.

Her shoulder warns her to stop, but she cannot. She's broken a part of her collarbone, and, the more she runs, the more she becomes dizzy and weak. Now, she must really hide. She locates the navigation controls room and hides under one of the controls table. She pushes her body back, deeper into the corner placing her hands over her mouth to shield the sounds of her breathing. She waits; to be found, or to never be saved.

Footsteps pound in her ears. This time they shake the ground. This isn't her attacker. This is someone different, stronger. Their footsteps grow closer until they stop, right behind her. The control table she's under is lifted from her, thrown far away and arms grab—

Ava awoke to a cold sweat. Her heart pounded loud in her ears, enough to make them ring. It took her multiple deep breaths to steady her breathing. The trembling in her hand remained as she ran it through her hair. She swung her legs over the bed and popped her body up. Usually she had nightmares about her family. Today, it was different.

Walking over to the sink in her room, she splashed the cool water on her face, her gaze landing on her reflection in the mirror. Her caramel hair flowed in waves, almost falling to the same length of her mother's from the last time she saw her. Maybe she hadn't cut it because she wanted to look more like her mother, or maybe because that's the only think she had control over in this place.

She almost smiled at the thought of her mother. Sometimes, she even has thought she heard her sister's laugh, but frowned at her own foolishness. If her sister was still alive, her laughter would have died a long time ago.

Shivering from the cold in the room, she put on her jacket. Zipping it up, her identification tag mocked her as she store at it in the mirror. The tag read E302.

She touched the tag, running her fingers along the letter and numbers, feeling the smoothness of the fabric. Xavier had told her the night before last that she needed to rip it off. Before she had the chance to ask why, he said it's another way trackers could trail them. After ripping his off, and inspecting it, he found a small hidden technical chip build within the tag. 'Before we escape' he said, 'you must remove it.'

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