Chapter 36

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A sweet aroma hit her nostrils as Safiya took in the scent of an unusual fruit, the shopkeeper was stating it as Dragon Fruit but it was beautiful rather than intimidating like a dragon.

She smilingly looked up from the fruit and at Daiyan as the sound of click got faded in the hustle of the market around them. Her husband had clicked a photograph of her and if Safiya was not sure, the redness creeping to Daiyan's neck and ears were the proof as he shoved his mobile inside his pocket.

"Got you."

"Shut up!"

Safiya giggled moving ahead in the market where various stalls were placed neatly of everything she could ever imagine. From attires to food, everything was present in front of her eyes and she was immensely enjoying this not like Daiyan Mustufa whose face was an epitome of boredom.

Tomorrow was the semi-final of their cooking competition. As this was the second most important round they had been given three days break and after sulking two days inside their hotel room, Safiya had decided to drag Daiyan Mustufa to the local market with her to kill the time and boredom.

But he was of his name, the sulking man. His food wouldn't digest if he faked happiness for her sake! "I think they can take you on that vegetable stall."

"And why is that so?"

"Because you're resembling a tomato." 

Safiya huffed in annoyance at his face and moved to the stall of clothes and accessories.

"Oh my!! Have you seen it?"


Safiya picked up a round bracelet that had small diamonds tucked around its edges and a ruby shining on its center. It was truly magnificent and seeing it she knew it was made for her to buy.

" We can get plenty of this in Gwalior."

"Okay. You buy from there, I'm getting this now."

Safiya twisted her lips at him, her husband was just a sore man who never found anything good in front of his eyes. Yet she wanted to roam around Italy with him! She gave a toothed smile to the sales-lady as she gave her the paper bag of the jewelry.

"Are you seriously going to wear these many bracelets?" 

She looked up from the paper bag and Daiyan who was walking a little ahead of her, hands in his pocket and away from his surroundings. Was Safiya exaggerating or Daiyan Mustafa was seriously testing her patience?

"Yes. One in my neck, two in my hands and one on my head."

"Why are you so pissed off?" Daiyan asked stopping at one side and looking at her innocently as if he hadn't done a thing but she knew better.

"I'm pissed off, great!" Safiya threw her hands up in exasperation. "It's you who is walking with me like a statue, not taking part in my activities and then asking me silly questions."

Her eyes widened as everything around fell silent. Did she really yell so loud? The people around them were watching them with surprise as Daiyan looked at her, trying hard to suppress his smile. He was clearly enjoying it! Safiya quickly held his arm with a fake smile on her lips as she dragged him ahead to a secluded corner.

"Ah, that was so embarrassing!" Safiya covered her face with her palms as she shook her head to remove that embarrassment, "And you stop smiling." She scolded, hitting Daiyan's arm.

Daiyan held her wrist stopping every passing thought for a millisecond and it gently got replaced by her present condition, her husband's intense gaze which was moving on her face and his hold on her wrist which was becoming tighter as he swiftly pulled her closer to him than before.

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