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All she wanted was
for someone to look at her
and see the person
she hid so well.

"Which one, Zachy?" Killian asked his little son as they were standing in front of Heaven's apartment complex. The only problem was that there were three apartment complexes and they all looked the same. "This one!" Zachy pointed at the one in the middle. "Let's go then!" He picked Zachy up and walked up the 3 steps to the main door. Surprisingly the door was left open so they could get to the foyer without ringing the bell.

"Now on which floor, Zachy?" The little boy looked as if he was thinking deeply making Killian chuckle and kiss him on his cheeks. "I don't know!" Zachy mumbled looking down in shame. "It's ok, baby! We'll find it." He took his phone from his pocket and dialed Georgina's number. "Give me Heaven's number!" He demanded as soon as she picked up the call.

Afterwards he dialed Heaven's number and waited for her to reply. "Hello?" He sucked in a breath. Her voice always did things to him that he can't describe. "It's me. Killian. On which floor are you living?" There was silence for a moment before she replied "On the second." "Good." With that he cut the call and made his way to the second floor with Zachy in his arms.

"Mommy!" Zachy shouted as soon as Heaven opened the door. "My baby!" Heaven hugged him tightly. "We came to visit you, mommy!" He announced happily. Her smile widened and her eyes sparkled with happiness. Killian didn't miss the dark circles under her puffy looking eyes, she looked tired. It seemed like she cried all night long. "Let's get inside, baby!" She said before turning around and walking back in leaving the door open. Killian took this as cue to come in.

He walked in observing the small old apartment she was staying in. It looked cozy, but it was too small for his liking. He entered the living room and saw Heaven sitting on the couch with Zachy in her lap hugging him and sniffing his hair. Guilt took him as he observed how much she missed him. But then again this was his plan, he wanted her to hate him and that's what seems she's feeling towards him now. Hatred. "Thank you for bringing him here!" He heard a sweet voice saying. Heaven's voice that drove him crazy every time he heard it.

"I did it for my son." He replied coldly. "I know." She answered not meeting his eyes. Why? Maybe she really hated him now. Killian felt happy about it but at the same time his heart pained at the thought of her hating him. He was confused and confusing others as well. "Mommy, daddy always reads me goodnight stories just like you!" Zachy said a huge grin on his face. "Really? That's sounds like fun." Heaven answered.

"I want you to be with us, mommy!" He frowned looking at his mom with pleading eyes. "We talked about this, Zachy!" Killian quickly interfered. The little boy's eyes began to water and his lower lip to wobble. "It's ok, baby. You can always visit me, my little munchkin!" Heaven tried to calm him but to no avail, soon Zachy started sobbing loudly in his mom's embrace. It broke Heaven's heart to see him like this. She knew he wasn't used to be apart from her, but she couldn't do anything about it. It's not like the cold hearted man standing in front of them will have any remorse and let her stay with her son.

"Don't cry, baby!" Heaven kissed his temple gently. Tears were threatening to fall out of her eyes. A deep sigh was heard from Killian before he spoke "Let's go! We had a deal and you broke it, that's why we'll go now." He said clearly annoyed by his sons behavior. "He's a kid! He doesn't understand what a deal means, you can't punish him like that!" Heaven interfered angrily. He's acting as if Zachy is a grown up, who's able to make deals with him. "Do not interfere between me and my son!" He answered rudely. "He's my son before he was ever yours!" She glared at him.

His jaw clenched and his fists tightened. He was angry. "If you want to further see your son you better shut that pretty mouth of yours!" He threatened her cruelly in front of Zachy, who looked up to him scared. Heaven didn't know how to answer back. She was at loss of words. He would do that without even blinking, so she knew it's better not to test his patience. He has always been an inpatient man and now more than ever. Directors and his co stars always complained about his temper.

"Zachy, go with daddy now and I'll visit you tomorrow!" She told her son who frowned. "Why can't you come with us now?" He asked wiping his tears with his cute little hands. "Because mommy has something to do!" She lied. She had no job, nothing. "Mommy can come with us to the toy store if she wants." Killian said shocking Heaven. At least he didn't break Zachy's heart by dragging out of his mother's warmth. "Yes!" Zachy screamed jumping up and down on Heaven's lap.
"Let's go then!" Killian said. "Let me just get changed." She said walking to her bedroom.

After some time

„Mommy, I want that!" Zachy pointed at the big LEGO box. „Let's get that then!" Killian answered. The shopping cart was already full with toys, but Zachy is still not ready to leave nor Killian. „Now it's enough, baby!" Heaven said sternly to which she earned a frown from both of them. „It's enough when Zachy says so!" Killian replied sending a wink towards Zachy. „Then be prepared to stay here all day!" Heaven said.
„Pick me up, daddy!" Zachy shouted holding his arms out.


End of chapter 10.

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