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The sky matched my mood. Dark and dreary. Moving away from everything I ever knew was hard, but we all agreed it was for the best. The skyline came into view, and it cheered me up slightly. It was one of the biggest cities I had ever been to. And I was going to live here. My Jeep trudged along, and I was itching to get to the apartment, and into a shower. I had been in the car for over six hours, and I just wanted to relax. 

My GPS led the way to the apartment, and I tried my best to not get too distracted as I got further and further into the city. 

"Finally." I muttered to myself, as I pulled into the parking garage. I parked in the closest spot I could find to the elevator, and got out to gather my things. Against my better judgement, I slung on my backpack, grabbed my purse, my two rolling suitcases, a weekender, and my favorite pillow. It was struggle to say the least, but I didn't want to make more than one trip. I made my way towards the elevator, seeing a guy waiting on the elevator as well. I huffed, as my suitcases refused to cooperate, turning on their sides as I tried to make it to the elevator. I saw the doors open, and the guy step inside. I was rushing to make it, ready to just be in the apartment.

"Can you hold the door, please?" I yelled to the guy waiting in the elevator. His head was down, as he typed away on his phone, ignoring my plea. "Dude, door? Please!"

He looked up just in time for the door to close, only to put his head back down.

"What a dick!" I scoffed.

The elevator took forever to get back to me, and once I did get in, it still took me forever to get my bags to do what I wanted them to. 

Finally, after another 5 minutes of struggling, I was standing in front of the apartment, and I knocked on the door.

It was only a few moments before the door opened to reveal my annoyingly attractive cousin Stephanie. 

"Fin! Oh my gosh!" She sprang forward, wrapping her arms around me.

"Hey Steph." I smiled, hugging her back. 

She stepped back, and held me at arms length. "Look at you, you bombshell."

I rolled my eyes, and laughed. "Shut up. Want to help me in?"

"Yes. Sorry." She let me go, and grabbed the bag off my shoulder and one of the rolling suitcases, and let me into the apartment. 

It was pretty and modern. Sleek couches in the living room, a big dining room table, and a pretty kitchen. The far wall was all windows looking out into the city. The place was gorgeous and I can't believe that I was going to be living here.

"Did you have a hard time finding the place?" She asked. 

"No, but I was struggling with my bags and some asshole wouldn't hold the elevator for me." I ranted. 

"That sucks. You know Mitch would have came down and helped you." 

"I know, but you guys are already giving me a place to stay, pretty much for free, and a job. I got my bags. It just would have been nice if the douchebag-" I said, cutting myself off as the douchebag stood at the other end of the room.

"Finley!" Mitch said, lighting up, and walking over to me, leaving the douchebag standing there.

"Hey Mitchy." I said, walking into his open arms. 

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